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Author Topic: Web page wizard  (Read 2268 times)

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Johannes Leckebusch

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Web page wizard
« on: 2019-09-26 15:04:03 »
I would like to test and support a Beta Version or ThumbsPlus 11, if there will be eventual solved the old problem I posted years ago, last again more than a year ago:

I downloaded the version 10 SP2 Build 4015 and again tried to create web pages from galleries with it ...

Still it is not possible just to generate a web gallery with the option "current folder", but with "Selected files only" and selecting all files ... it starts.

But then there is still an old, trivial bug: I select tif files (corrected with Adobe PS) and use the option "Convert images to .jpg". Running the process, it generates the htm-files in the selected directories, converts the .tif to .jpg, creates the thumbnail pages, but the links in the htm-files for the single pictures to show are:




so no pictures can be seen in the browser! This bug is much older than a year, I told it one and a half year before, it was recognized - but never corrected.

What is the problem with such a simple bug?

Greetings Johannes Leckebusch, Germany/Bavaia

Lots of web galleries, still created with TP 7 Pro:

reachable from: