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we are using ThumbsPlus in our company to tag all the pictures from different projects and departments. However, the procedures over the last years led to a bunch of useless user defined field entries.
My question now is: Is there a possibility to print a list of all used entries for each user defined field, so that we can clean it up? Since there is a popdown menu, the values must be stored anywhere.

Thank you in advance.

Daan van Rooijen:
I don't think there's any such option in ThumbsPlus 7, but if you are using a regular .TD4 database (which is really a regular .MDB database) , I'd recommend that you open the database in MDB Viewer Plus (freeware from to examine and edit your user field entries.

Thanks for the suggestion to view the database directly. This indeed worked fine.
In our case we have a MySQL database and I used HeidiSQL to view the entries and some MySQL magic to extract the user field entries.

The SQL command to get each entry of a user defined field once and in ascending order is:

SELECT DISTINCT uf_keyword FROM UserFields ORDER BY uf_keyword ASC,

where _keyword is the actual name of your user defined field.

Just in case anyone else has this problem :).


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