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Thumbsplus 8 - slow pic editing in Win 10


Thumbsplus 8
Win 7 32 bit it was editing (crop, resize, turn, etc) fast and smooth. Installed Win 10 32 bit and editing pics is very slow.
Any thoughts?

Daan van Rooijen:
Have you checked ?

Are you using the same type and size of images as before?

Is editing images in ThumbsPlus the only thing that is slow, or do other tasks in ThumbsPlus, or other programs, now work more slowly too?

You could try this: Exit ThumbsPlus, locate your Thumbs8.ini configuration file and make a backup copy of it. Then open it in Notepad and add this section to it:


This would disable the built-in virtual memory manager - but that will likely only make a difference if not just the editing but also the loading of image files has become slow.

(ps: This is the correct place for your question, so I have removed the cross-post from the General Discussion section)


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