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installing tp5 on windows7 pro 64bit

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i asked this before and as per instructions from  daan i installed tp5  in the C: drive, not C:\program files or C:\program files (86). my source files were setup as instructed to match the td4 established in my former windowsXP

everything is fine on both w7 desktops

i just now tried installing tp5 on a lenovo laptop with windows7 pro and I DID NOT get the option to install on the C as i did on my desktops. instead, the only option for me was to install in program files(86).

WHY? and what should i do

this is the default destination

this is all i get when i want to change the destination to C\

ok. my keyboard was acting wanky. i changed the destination to C: and installed

but when i started tp5 up i got this error message

Daan van Rooijen:
So, which folder did you actually install the program into?

tp5 is in C:\thumbs plus5

my source folder is in an old program called program files/paint shop pro/images

my main, original setup(started years ago) was in XP. both paint shop pro5 and thumbs plus5 were setup in program files. iirc you told me in order to maintain the logic established in windowsXP, i should change the volume label of the w7 c drive to match the label in XP, install tp5 under C:\ instead of the default 64bit program files folder, and install paint shop pro5 in program files. this is what i've done on my two w7 desktops and everything is fine.

however i decided to backup onto my w7 laptop. when i tried to install tp5 on C:\ the install did not setup in a thumbs plus5 folder. the program installed WITHOUT a tp5 folder and the result is above

Daan van Rooijen:
On your laptop, could you lookup your shortcut (icon) for ThumbsPlus v5, right-click on it and choose Properties? Then, see what it says behind "Target:" and report that here? That will tell exactly where ThumbsPlus was installed.


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