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Author Topic: Will you support the .heic format - Creating thumbnails of unsupported types  (Read 1856 times)

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The .heic file type is the most asked for format in quite some time.  This newer format will be supported in ThumbsPlus v11.

While you wait for the addition of support for the heic/heif file format in ThumbsPlus note that there is a way to change the format that images are saved in - in the iphone settings.

In addition to changing the iphone settings to save your pictures in a different format, there are features in ThumbsPlus that may be helpful if you want to thumbnail ANY image types that are proprietary or not yet supported.

1. If Windows Explorer shows thumbnails for a file format that is not internally supported by ThumbsPlus, if you set up the file type configuration for that type and use NONE for the file loading option, ThumbsPlus will pick up the thumbnail that Windows creates.

2. There is a "make from clipboard" option in ThumbsPlus v10 that allows you to create thumbnails of non supported or proprietary formats. Using this feature along with placing a program icon for the application used to create that format is a great work around for many users that wish to manage unsupported file formats. I have explained this function below and the first image attached illustrates it.

Make from clipboard and external program options:

Once this is set up it won't have to be done again and from then on you can use ThumbsPlus in this way to thumbnail any file types that we do not internally support.

a.  Go to OPTIONS>PREFERENCES>FILE TYPES>NEW and set up the new format as shown in the attached image.

b.  You will see empty thumbnail boxes for your non supported files as shown in the attached image.

c.  Open the software that creates these files and bring up the file that is shown in the empty thumbnail box in ThumbsPlus.

d.  Make a screen shot of this same file (IN THE OTHER software) using the ALT+PRINT SCREEN function, or EDIT>COPY.

e.  Go into ThumbsPlus and find the empty thumbnail box and select it by clicking it once as shown in the attached image.


g.  Now you will see the thumbnail for that file.

h.  Because of the way we set up this file type, upon double clicking the image, ThumbsPlus will send it to the associated software program to open.

NOTE! If you have "Create persistent .tp_jptn files for thumbnails made from clipboard" enabled under Main Window - Options | Preferences | Thumbnails, ThumbsPlus will keep a copy of the thumbnail image (named with the .tp_jptn file extension)  in the same folder as the selected file. This allows ThumbsPlus to remake the thumbnail later.

3. You can also put a toolbar icon on your ThumbsPlus toolbar for any program. That way you can click any regularly created thumbnail (or a clipboard created thumbnail) and then click the program icon on the toolbar to open the image in that program.

To add an External Program toolbar button, right click the toolbar and go to "customize">"programs". I don't have a program that creates the heic/heif files so I have shown you how to put a Firefox icon on the ThumbsPlus toolbar in the 2nd attached image. (You can use this same process to put any program on your computer on the toolbar in ThumbsPlus.)

For additional help please e-mail