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Author Topic: Why did I lose my preferences when installing new build/How can reset the pref  (Read 1361 times)

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1. The next time you download an update, please choose the "Express Install" as this will place the database and your preferences in the same folders and you will not lose your thumbnails or options when you launch the update for the first time. (Or you can go to HELP>SYSTEM INFORMATION before updating and take a look at the last install options you used and use the same options with the install of the update.)

2. If you want to reset the preferences back to the default settings you will need to remove 3 files from the ThumbsPlus Preferences Folder.  thumbs10.ini, thumbs10.config and thumbs10.vconfig.

The ThumbsPlus Preferences folder is located in the ThumbsPlus 10 program group. The attached image illustrates how to find the location and delete the preferences. After deleting these files, the next time you launch ThumbsPlus the settings will be back to the default.

For additional help please e-mail