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Author Topic: Problems thumbnailing or viewing .pdf, .eps or .ai files/Ghostscript errors  (Read 2075 times)

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In the ThumbsPlus 10 evaluation and in the PRO and Network registered Editions there is support for .pdf, .ps, .eps and .ai files.

If you can't create thumbnails or view these types of files or if you are getting Ghostscript errors:

FIRST: Please check and make sure that you are running the latest build from Help>About - ThumbsPlus v10 SP2 build 4015.
(There were issues with builds 4013 and 4014 that would cause crashes rather than error messages.)

If you are running Build 4015 (and are NOT using the Standard Edition),  you are experiencing a problem with an incorrect .dll file, a problem in the Ghostscript plug-in options or the .pdf file type configuration is incorrect.

1. The configuration for .pdf files may be incorrect. Right click a pdf thumbnail and go to "configure type". The attached image illustrates the correct configuration.

2. ThumbsPlus requires the 32 bit Ghostscript .dll. You may have configured ThumbsPlus to use the 64 bit .dll.

3. It could also be that the proper Ghostcript.dll is not in the folder that the path indicates in your Ghostscript Loading Options.

4. It would be a very rare occurrence, but you may not have Ghostscript installed. (This is most likely not the problem, but if you do not have Ghostscript installed, please go to this site, download Ghostscript v9.x and then install it:

For 2 and 3:


Take a look at the path to Ghostscript on the top of that dialog box.

Now click the browse button. The one that has ... on it.

When that folder opens you may see the 64-bit dll. If so, choose the 32 bit dll.


It could also be that the proper Ghostcript.dll is not in the folder that the path indicates in your preferences.

You may see that the gs32.dll is NOT in that folder. If it isn't just browse to the folder it is in. (If needed you can do a search on your computer for gs32.dll.)

The attached image was created to illustrate how to solve this problem.
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