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Author Topic: ThumbsPlus 10 Increasing the thumbnail count capacity of an existing database  (Read 1637 times)

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How to increase the amount of thumbnails that an existing database can store:

If you have reached the 2 Gb default database size limit you now have the option to increase the thumbnail count capacity of an existing database!

(Please note that if you do not have keywords, annotations, udf's, offline thumbnails and and/or galleries, starting with a brand new database is another option. Please see FAQ about your database choices.)

To increase the thumbnail count capacity of an existing database that has reached the 2 Gb file size limit, you will first need to release some space that will allow this option room to do its job.

Before beginning, make sure that you have a backup of this existing database!


This way you will have it if anything goes amiss with this process. The ThumbsPlus database holds important data that you should always have a copy of. Databases can be damaged in several ways including a crash or a power outage while the ThumbsPlus database is open. When you are backing up your important data it is a good idea to keep a backup of your image folders as well.

1. Before beginning this process the database needs to be smaller than the 2 Gb size limit.

If there are thumbnails that are old that you do not need any longer, you can remove some of that data from the database.  For example you may have some folders with test images that you do not need thumbnails of.  Right click any folder of this type and go to "remove from folder". This will remove any thumbnails and the associated data for files you do NOT need thumbnails of. (You can always remove some thumbnails that don't have data attached to them and remake the thumbnails after this process has finished as well.)

2.  Run a repair and compact of the database to remove space that has not been recycled.  DATABASE>COMPACT and REPAIR

3.  After the compact, run a JPEG compress on the database as well. DATABASE>JPEG COMPRESS

4.  I suggest the quality to be set between 65 and 75.

Before beginning the process to increase your current database thumbnail count capacity, please note:

*You can NOT stop this process once it has been started or the database will be hopelessly confused and you will have to restore the database from backup.

*This process may take a very LONG time even if you have a fast system!

*If you have more than one database make sure that the database that holds all of your data is the database that is open.

5. Close ThumbsPlus and then relaunch.

6. Go to Database>Advanced>Move Thumbnails to Files.

7. Now you just sit back and wait. Again, the process may take a LONG time. It could be many HOURS. (I have had reports of 10 hours and longer.)

8. When the process is finished, do a another repair and compact.

Your database will now have the increased capacity for 6 to 7 million thumbnails and their associated data.

An image has been attached to illustrate this process.