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Author Topic: I can't install ThumbsPlus/Install errors  (Read 1685 times)

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I can't install ThumbsPlus/Install errors
« on: 2018-05-22 15:33:04 »
There are several reasons and solutions for install issues.

Lately, I have been getting reports of virus detecting software removing files from the temp folder that are necessary for the installation of ThumbsPlus.

There are some virus and/or malware detecting software programs that remove these files that we place in your temp folder that are only used for the installation of ThumbsPlus and then removed. These programs are deleting these files that must be available during the installation process.

If you are receiving the following error:

"There is a problem with this windows install package. A DLL required for this to run could not be installed."

My advice is to turn off your virus and malware software while you install build 4015.

NOTE: If you use System Mechanic, you will need to turn OFF the anti-malware System Shield portion of System Mechanic before another attempt to install ThumbsPlus. It has been confirmed that this component of System Mechanic deletes files that the ThumbsPlus installer places in your TEMP folder that are required for the install of ThumbsPlus.

Other common errors during installation, uninstall, and upgrades

If you have ever installed an earlier build of ThumbsPlus v10, the following information may help to solve your installation problem:

The symptom:

Updates or upgrades of ThumbsPlus can't be installed due to an installation error, in some cases an "MSI" error. There are various other error messages, including .dll errors,  during a failure to install ThumbsPlus.

During upgrades, this issue often occurs during UNINSTALL portion of the ThumbsPlus install.

Background information about program installation:

Programs are required by Windows to include with their installation files, files that are needed to uninstall the program. When ThumbsPlus is installed, all of the files needed to uninstall the program are stored in the users Microsoft (Windows) MSI database and cache (which stores install/uninstall files).

This means that when a user attempts to install a new build of the software, the old files from the previous install have to be in this Windows installation database and registry.

Errors occur when, for some reason, these files are not there. These errors may have a myriad of causes, none of which can control. The most likely causes are third-party registry or uninstaller tools, and other software called "tune-up," "system optimizer etc.  These "tools" tend to remove or change files that shouldn't be removed or changed.

First solution:

The ThumbsPlus installer is required by Windows Installer to uninstall the earlier build before beginning the install of a new build. If the uninstall files that Windows requires for an uninstall are missing or damaged the install will not continue.

If you are getting a message during install about a problem with an earlier build please try this method:

Open Control Panel>Programs and Features> Right click the ThumbsPlus v10 build 4011 and choose "change". Run the Repair/Install.

NOTE: If you are running Windows 10 the following applies:

1. The Settings (instead of Control Panel) is "Add or remove programs" or "Apps & features"--both go to same dialog.

2. Left click on ThumbsPlus to get the choices of MODIFY or Uninstall.

When the modify process completes you should be able to install the latest build!

Next solution:

If the first solution above doesn't solve your installation issue, there is a Windows fix for some other problems, (sometimes MSI or other installation errors).

You can download a file (that is provided by Microsoft), that fixes a problem with the (Windows) MSI database and cache. Microsoft provides this tool explicitly because of problems that occur in the MSI database and cache:

This should correct the problem on your system with the Windows MSI database and cache and you should now be able to install the latest version. If you continue to have trouble please contact for additional help.

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