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WebPage by Batch from Gallery


I search for a variabe for Gallery, because I want to start a batch file from a gallery that produce a webpage.

No problem to make a webpage by batch from actual folder by writing:

set /p Ordner=Ordner:%=%
for /f "tokens=2,*" %%i in ('dir /a:d ') do if "%%i"=="von" set "AKTPFAD=%%j"
tpcmd WebPages(mypage;%AKTPFAD%\%Ordner%;%AKTPFAD%;0;WAIT)

This code takes all images from the folder where I start the batch from and put the webpage in another folder.

But I am in a gallery, because I want to order the images manually before I make the webpage.
I need the name / variabel where the Gallery-Sorting is saved.
Can someone help me?

Daan van Rooijen:
Hi webazubi,

(I've moved this to the "ThumbsPlus v8 or earlier" section because as far as I know, v7 sp2 is the last version that would work with TPCMD.EXE)

> I search for a variabe for Gallery, because I want to start a batch file from a gallery that produce a webpage.

I don't know about such a variable. In .TDO-files, galleries are refered to by "/G". Could that be what you need? For example:

 Folder_002=/G(Tagged Images)

> tpcmd WebPages(mypage;%AKTPFAD%\%Ordner%;%AKTPFAD%;0;WAIT)

(just curious: how did you know about the WebPages command? It's not officially documented anywhere that I know of!)

> Can someone help me?

I can't really, but I did find a fascinating comment in the old Usenet groups. Someone posted this bug report in 2004:

"I have found that if you have T+ open at a specific gallery, and then run tpcmd asking the webwizard to create pages based on that same gallery, nothing is created. You have to have T+ pointing at another gallery or folder before you run tpcmd and then it works....

This also of course fails if you have shut T+ whilst pointing at the specific gallery and T+ has saved the last browsed folder in the ini file"

Could that explain why it hasn't worked for you?  There were no responses to this message and I found no further references about accessing galleries from TPCMD.

Thanks for the answer.

I will test the /G-Parameter next days. First test is failed.
But I ' ve got another idea, that works.
Just make a webpage by wizard, write a real path for
and also

Then save this template and run a batch that search and change the output paths like:

set /p Ordner=Ordner:%=%
@ECHO off
SETLOCAL enabledelayedexpansion
for /f "tokens=2,*" %%i in ('dir %* ') do if "%%i"=="von" set "AKTPFAD=%%j"
SET "quell_datei=D:\vorlagen\thumbs\web_scheme\test1701.tp_webwiz"
SET "ziel_datei=D:\vorlagen\thumbs\web_scheme\test1701_temp.tp_webwiz"
SET "suchen_nach=C:\temp\thumbs"
SET "ersetzen_durch=%AKTPFAD%\%Ordner%"

IF NOT DEFINED suchen_nach (ECHO Fehler: Die Variable suchen_nach nicht definiert^^!&GOTO :eof)

IF EXIST %ziel_datei% (DEL /f %ziel_datei% 1>NUL 2>NUL)

FOR /f "delims=" %%i IN ('FINDSTR . "%quell_datei%"') DO (
SET zeile=%%i& CALL :ersetzen !zeile!
GOTO :weiter
SET zeile=!zeile:%suchen_nach%=%ersetzen_durch%!

IF [!zeile!] EQU [] (ECHO.>>%ziel_datei%) ELSE (ECHO !zeile!>>%ziel_datei%)
GOTO :eof


tpcmd WebPages(test1701_temp)

Ergo: Thumbs takes the original folder of the images and takes the manual order from Gallery!

>how did you know about the WebPages command?
In Thumbs Help you can read here:
Additional References > DDE commands > DDE, WebPages

Executes a defined Web Page Wizard scheme.



This value can be any web page wizard scheme name defined in ThumbsPlus.
Optional Parameters
The complete folder path where ThumbsPlus will create the generated HTML and graphics files.
The complete folder path where ThumbsPlus will look for the input files.
0 - Selected files
1 - Current folder
WAIT - Wait for web page task to complete before returning.
(empty) - Do not wait for task completion - return immediately.

Calls the WebPage Wizard scheme named ALASKA, using all scheme settings.

Calls the scheme VACATION with the specified overrides.

Daan van Rooijen:
Good to hear that you found a work-around!

The interesting thing is that the 'WebPages' DDE command was introduced in 2003, a year after the last TPCMD.EXE was made. But TPCMD supports it anyway! :)

I found one more newsgroup message about using de WebPages dde command with a gallery. I don't think it will help you, but I'm adding it here just in case someone else could use it in the future:

I generate from Microsoft Access with DDE Thumbs-webpages like this way:


or for my example, after setting the variables for Input- and Outputpathes:

"[WebPages(VACATION;" & Online_Dats & ";" & Offline_Dats & ";1;Wait)]"

That works!

Now I want to generate Galleries to webpages in the same way. But it seems
that Thumbs only wants to have a specific path in the WebPages-DDE-Command.

Or is there a way to send Galleries over DDE?

The poster then answered his own message (this only works when TP is running when you issue the dde command):

Found a solution. Not very comfortable, but it works.

The following string works from Access, if the cursor in Thumbs stands on
the wanted gallery and if the Offline-Dats-Variable ist empty.

"[WebPages(VACATION;" & Online_Dats & ";" & Offline_Dats & ";1;Wait)]"

Thats one of the reasons I like ThumbsPlus: Because of the possibility to work with Access or SQL.
Specially in building WebPages, because sometimes I like to put a html- formular field under the image so that it's possible to choose images by clicking a checkbox and send this selection with php per E-Mail. Thats only with Access possible, because the name of the image must be placed in the html-Code.

But I don't want to start always Access for some little works. So I hope that the Programmers will include somemore functions in normal thumbs-program that are now only with Access possible.


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