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Copy ThumbsPlus keywords to IPTC

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I use Thumbsplus Pro Version 6.0

Is there a way to copy all keywords from the database of ThumbsPlus in the IPTC data of all JPEG file from a directory ?

Daan van Rooijen:
I don't recall for sure if version 6 already had the IPTC Editor (Ctrl-I), but if it does, the answer would be yes. The method to use would be:

[*]Select the jpg files
[*]Bring up the IPTC editor (Ctrl-I)
[*]In its menu, choose Keywords | Combine with Database
[*]Press OK

Note that the date/timestamp of the files will probably be updated when the database keywords are written into the IPTC headers of the files. If your files contain an EXIF 'original date/time' stamp, you can use Modify File Info (Ctrl-Shift-Q in the main screen) afterwards to reset the file dates to their date taken.

Thank you Daan,

There is no option "Combine with Database" in IPTC Editor (Ctrl-I) Keywords of version 6

I will try this method when I upgrade to ThumbsPlus Pro Version 10.

Daan van Rooijen:
> I will try this method when I upgrade to ThumbsPlus Pro Version 10.

Well, when v8 was released, the IPTC-editor was replaced by a different command, Image | Batch Edit Metadata. That's still how it is with version 10. You would use it with these settings:

[*]XMP field to modify > Keywords
[*]Operation to perform > Append
[*]New value > Get value from > Image info > Keywords
[*]Click 'Add step', Press OK.[/list]

Thank you Daan

It works fine but it would be nice to have the possibility of selecting all the files within a tree.


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