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program files (x86) folder?


so i'm trying windows7. i guess it installs 32bit programs in this (x86) folder.

i have been using windowsXP - the image resources for my tp5 is a 32bit program called "paint shop pro 5" and it is located in "program files\paint shop pro 5\images.

if i copy everything, psp5 and tp5,  to windows 7,,,will everything work?? i'm guessing both programs will install in the program files (x86) folder, not program files, so if i copy all my image etc etc and the td4 over to windows 7, will tp5 and psp5 sync correctly?

am i going to have to create a non-executable dummy folder for my psp in the program files folder and will this be enough.


Daan van Rooijen:
TP5 is a very old version and it hasn't been tested under Windows 7. It might well work though, but you must install it in a folder of its own, outside of the Program Files folder. For instance, you could install it to D:\ThumbsPlus5. If it should not work properly, try running it in XP compatibility mode (by right-clicking on its icon, selecting 'Properties' and setting the relevant option there).

It doesn't need Paintshop Pro.

If you are moving your image collection (and database) to the new system as well, it's essential that you maintain the folder structure of the image collection and that you give the drive that you put it on the same volume label as the previous drive that held the images. If your images used to be in F:\Photo and drive F: was labeled "DATA_DISK", then on the new system, you should also put them in a folder named \Photo and the drive should also be labeled "DATA_DISK". TP won't be able to match your photos to their database records otherwise.

if i got a newer copy of tp, will the tp5 version of td4 work as long as i set up the same folder structure to my image source?

Daan van Rooijen:
> if i got a newer copy of tp, will the tp5 version of td4 work as long as i set up the same folder structure to my image source?

If you'd upgrade to v7, you can continue to use your .TD4 database 'as is'. If you upgrade to the current release, v10, it has an option to convert it to the newer .tpdb8 database format.

Does your database hold any valuable keywords, annotations or galleries? If so, it would make sense to keep or convert it. If not, you could just install your upgrade and have it make new thumbnails for your images in a new database.

p.s. See also our discussion of 4 years ago, when you had some similar questions that may still be relevant:

i'm getting so old smh

now i remember that old thread.

i'll get 7


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