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Upgrade from 7 to 10?

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What are your experiences upgrading from 7 to 10? Is it worth it?

Daan van Rooijen:
> What are your experiences upgrading from 7 to 10? Is it worth it?

Cerious has solved a boatload of bugs going from v8 > v9 > v10. I think v10 is highly functional and reliable for the large majority of users. Personally, I find myself using v10 exclusively, although I still have v7 (which I preferred to v8/v9) as well. If you are a keyboard-oriented user I can understand some of Gary's frustrations, but I am a mouse user for the most part and I prefer v10's interface. The main benefits of v10, to me, are its unicode filename support and the filter box that lets me quickly switch the thumbnail display from one set of filetypes to another.

In your other message you asked about viewing animated gifs, I don't think that behaviour has changed from v7 to v10.

AFAIK there is no tool (yet) to convert a TP7 database in a TP10 database of a type that does not feature the 2GB limit.


but if you are not converting rather creating new database in v10 is there still a 2GB limit? (I thought this was the reason for changing to python sql etc)

Regardless of the TP version ... if you choose the access database (Thumbs.tpdb8) you will have to endure the 2GB limit.  If you choose the SQlite database (Thumbs.tpdb8s) you will not have the 2GB limit.  Hope this helps.


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