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Hierarchical keywords?


I'm testing ThumbsPlus v9, and the standard edition looks great and has the image management features that I need with one glaring exception:  I need to have the ability to arrange keywords in a hierarchy.  Is this in the cards for T+?

Daan van Rooijen:
I don't think it is in the cards.. it has been requested several times but I don't recall hearing or reading from the developers that they planned to incorporate it in the near future.

Note that you can enter multiple keywords in the Ctrl-K dialog at once by separating them with semicolons (just ';', no spaces). It's also possible to autogenerate keywords from folder names (eg. "d:\vertebrates\mammals\cats\lion.jpg") and images can be assigned to (multiple) galleries. Depending on the nature of your images, keywords and cataloging needs, it may be possible to work out an alternative strategy using these and other features.

Ahh, I was afraid of that.  Using a semi-colon to separate multiple keyword entries becomes extremely onerous when I want a hierarchy like:
assigned to multiple images....

Not to mention the convenience of having a keywords panel that would allow finding all images with a particular keyword parent with a single click.

This is a deal-breaker.

What about using galleries.

You can even enter multiple keywords and then use the find function to locate and place them in the correct gallery/subgallery.

For example my movies are listed with the following galleries:



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