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Author Topic: Checkbox 'Use multi-threaded mode' not persistent  (Read 947 times)

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Applies to
ThumbsPlus 8 SP1 Build 3537 and earlier v8 versions

Checking the box Use multi-threaded mode does not persist when ThumbsPlus is restarted.

In addition, the current documentation (F1) about the additional settings in the Performance section of this tab needs to be tested and updated to reflect modern CPUs / recommended settings.

Solution (pending)
It's a minor bug (the checkbox issue) that needs to be fixed in a future v8 release.

More Information
Most users will not experience any difficulties with this issue, as it affects mostly users with extreme loads and very large number of files. An entire overhaul of performance settings may not be implemented until the next major release (TBD).

Initially reported by [link=]MetcalfeP[/link] and confirmed by [link=]hfremuth[/link].


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Checkbox 'Use multi-threaded mode' not persistent
« Reply #1 on: 2011-08-09 03:38:35 »
I second this. But for me it does not even stay checked if I reopen the dialogue directly after....does this mean that multi-threading is not working at all.....I am about to scan 500.000 images so it could be nice...:-)