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migrate database from 1 pc to another

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Street Mann:

--- Quote from: RogerS on 2014-01-29 09:00:36 ---Thank you for your reply Daan,

following your first line of thought - the old laptop shows a path  of C:\Rogers images\imagennn , but on the new laptop shows <Rogers laptop C Drive>\Rogers images\imagennn.

How do I change the first part of the address on the new laptop so that it looks to C:\Rogers images\imagennn? which is where the full image resides.

--- End quote ---

WOW!! thanks for that info on the MDB Viewer!!! It will help in my other work!!!


Please, if I do a report directly from a table, it shows me the image from stored in a binary field. It shows me the thumbail and also allows me to click to view the image.

But, If I créate a report from a database VIEW that includes the field as it is, the thumbail does not work, and do not allow to open the image.

what can be wrong?

thank you

Daan van Rooijen:
Hi BarbaraNib:  I'm not sure if I fully understand your question (and I don't think it is on-topic in this discussion about database migration). But, my short answer is: A thumbnail in the database is not a full JPG image. Rather, it is a so-called jpeg stream, and making it visible may require some extra steps. I know this isn't a full answer but hopefully it puts you on track to finding one.


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