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migrate database from 1 pc to another

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I am upgrading from 1 laptop running Tplus 7Pro SP 2 under WIN XP to a new laptop running Tplus 9 Pro 3928 build under WIN 7.

What is the process to migrate the galleries?

The folder structures for images and galleries are identical.

I have tried exporting/importing but the gallery function still thinks the full image in on the old laptop.

Daan van Rooijen:
The volume label(s) of the drive(s) on which your images reside must be the same as on the previous laptop too (change these from outside of ThumbsPlus, without TP running).

If that doesn't solve it, the computer name could still be a problem. You could try changing it on the new laptop, but if you prefer not to have two identically named computers, you could open the database in a database editor like MDB Viewer Plus (freeware from and change the relevant value to that of the new laptop. As always, keep a backup of your database.

Thank you for your reply Daan,

following your first line of thought - the old laptop shows a path  of C:\Rogers images\imagennn , but on the new laptop shows \Rogers images\imagennn.

How do I change the first part of the address on the new laptop so that it looks to C:\Rogers images\imagennn? which is where the full image resides.

Daan van Rooijen:
Well, it looks like "Rogers laptop C Drive" was the volume label of drive C: in the old laptop. You could open Explorer on the new laptop (after exiting TP7 there), right-click on drive C: and pick Properties from the bottom of the context menu that appears, then change its name to "Rogers laptop C Drive" (without the quotes) too. Then launch TP7 to see if that did the trick.

According to TP7's documentation it also uses the drive serial number to match fixed drives, but I don't think that's correct. And where the computer name is concerned, I think that's used only for images that were thumbnailed through a network. So, I'm hopeful that just editing the volume label will solve this problem for you.

that seems to have worked!  Many thanks.


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