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Author Topic: Build Slide Show and/or disappearing tool bars fixed in V9?  (Read 4588 times)

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I've been a ThumbPlus user since version 3 but after my experiences with version 8 I'm not willing to part with more money for an upgrade to version 9 unless I'm certain that it fixes the bugs that plague version 8 (bugs that should have been fixed w/o asking for a paid upgrade I might add).

Does the Build Slide Show feature work again in version 9?  In version 8, regardless of settings, the 5034 error comes up on slide show execution in Win 7.

Are disappearing tool bars and unpredictable behavior when viewing images in full screen mode still problems in version 9?

Is the "Open With" function still flakey?

Thanks for any info from folks who've upgraded to version 9.