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"fade" function not available

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recently the "fade" option under "edit" is not available. "undo" "redo" and "revert" are all working as before. any idea why this has occurred. and how to restore it?  occurring in version 7 and 8. thanks.

The Fade function under the Edit menu lets you fade (combine with an opacity level) the image in the last Undo buffer with the current image, or in other words, the image previous to the last edition with the image after the edition.

The Fade function is always disabled (grayed-out) when you first open an image since the Undo buffer is empty. It will become enabled after you have done any operation over the image which does not involve changing its dimensions (resizing, adding borders, cropping). Also, it will be permanently unavailable if the Undo function is disabled in Options > Viewing - Editing.

PS: I have tested in ThumbsPlus 7 SP2 and 8 SP1 and it is working correctly.

Thanks for the reply. It seems that the problem I am having occurs after editing and saving in Lightroom. .tif file is much larger then and it is in 48 bit color. "Fade" function works wih 24 bit original .tif image. Any suggestions as to what to do to correct this?  Thanks.

I saved image in Lightroom as 8 bit rather than 16 and now in properties it reads as 24 bit rather than 48. "Fade" function works now. Wondering, however, if the image quality has degraded during the process. Do you know? Thanks.

You are right, sorry. The Fade function is also not available when you work in 48-bit mode. For 48-bit images please do this:

1. Copy the first image you want to fade to the Clipboard with Edit > Copy All.
2. Apply the edition step(s).
3. Go to Image > Combine. Once in the Combine Images dialog, click the Clipboard button, select Fade for Operation, set the Opacity level and click OK.

Regarding the image quality question, the recommendation is to work with the image as much as possible in 48-bit mode, and only convert it to 24-bit mode when saving to JPEG to share your work or upload to the web, because the existence of more shades per color channel (65,536 instead of only 256) means that more operations can be performed on the image without risk of noticeable banding or posterization.


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