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Thank you very much.  The Privacy option is the perfect answer for me.

Finally, with regard to the Backspace key and your folder history: See Options | Preferences | Privacy, where you can stop TP from saving folder history between sessions.

Have you got the solution?
This error message was reported by several ThumbsPlus users so I downloaded the newest Ghostscript (v2.7) and duplicated the problem. Something has changed in the new Ghostscript code, causing these errors when attempting to thumbnail and view .pdf files. (This also pertains to ps, eps and ai files set up to load using the Ghostscript plug-in.)

The solution is use the dll from any earlier version of the Ghostscript app. I am successfully using ThumbsPlus and the Ghostscript Plug-in with all previous 32 bit versions of the gsdll32.dll

You may already have this on your system, but if not, you can download any earlier version than Ghostscript 9.27 (by scrolling past 2.7) here:

You don't even have to remove the newer version, just choose the gsdl32.dll from the 9.20 - 9.26 install (in the Ghostscript plug-in options) as shown in the attached image.

We will, of course, be testing and solving the problem between the ThumbsPlus Ghostscript plug-in and Ghostscript v9.27 for the next release.
Locate your Preferences folder. You can usually do this using Start Menu - All Programs - ThumbsPlus 10 - Utilities - View preferences folder. If this isn't available, use Help - System Information from within ThumbsPlus, and navigate to the Preferences Path (near the bottom) in Windows Explorer.

Change the Windows permissions for the folder using the instructions "Setting permissions on a folder for ThumbsPlus" found here:

Background information:

Whenever the ThumbsPlus installer creates a new folder for the database or preferences intended for sharing between users, it sets the folder's Windows permissions to allow all access to that folder (and any subsequently-created folders or files) by Authenticated users. However, if the folder already exists, the installer skips this step because it can be take a very long time (minutes or hours) if there is a database within the folder that uses the Thumbnails in Files option, and the folder should have had its permissions set properly before. Sometimes, because of a faulty installer or subsequent changes in the file system, you need to do this step manually.

If the folder already exists, ThumbsPlus skips this step in case it contains a database with "Thumbnails in Files" in the folder.
To fix this issue: reinstall the Microsoft VS2012 Update 4 redistributables.

You may download directly from the ThumbsPlus web site:

Or you may download from Microsoft here:
(click Download, check the box next to VSU_4\vcredist_x86.exe, then click Next).

Once the download is complete, just run vcredist_x86.exe to install the components and ThumbsPlus should run normally.

Background information:

During ThumbsPlus installation, we run vcredist_x86.exe to distribute the Visual C++ components. Under some conditions, Windows does not install them correctly when embedded in another installer. Additionally, the uninstall of other programs sometimes improperly removes them. From whatever cause, downloading and installing the redistributables should take care of the problem.
I would like to assign keystrokes to the options in the "Do you want to save changes..." dialog. How?
Have you checked ?

Are you using the same type and size of images as before?

Is editing images in ThumbsPlus the only thing that is slow, or do other tasks in ThumbsPlus, or other programs, now work more slowly too?

You could try this: Exit ThumbsPlus, locate your Thumbs8.ini configuration file and make a backup copy of it. Then open it in Notepad and add this section to it:


This would disable the built-in virtual memory manager - but that will likely only make a difference if not just the editing but also the loading of image files has become slow.

(ps: This is the correct place for your question, so I have removed the cross-post from the General Discussion section)
ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Thumbsplus 8 - slow pic editing in Win 10
« Last post by r9ball on 2019-06-12 14:32:19 »
Thumbsplus 8
Win 7 32 bit it was editing (crop, resize, turn, etc) fast and smooth. Installed Win 10 32 bit and editing pics is very slow.
Any thoughts?
ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Re: Cannot find Undo/redo button
« Last post by Daan van Rooijen on 2019-06-02 09:34:38 »
My guess would be that you may have used File | Jpeg | Turn, which is a lossless operation that cannot be undone (the file is directly modified).

The regular Turn operations under Transform | Turn & Mirror are undoable (well, except if Undo has been turned off to save memory. In the viewer/editor, see View | Preferences | Tab:Editing | Disable Undo if that might be the case).
ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Re: Cannot find Undo/redo button
« Last post by lysdexic on 2019-06-02 02:15:35 »
Thank you Daan,

I have found that, so as an experiment I rotated a picture of my grandaughter 90 to the right to see if I could undo it but the arrows remain firmly greyed out, what am I doing wrong?

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Re: Cannot find Undo/redo button
« Last post by Daan van Rooijen on 2019-06-01 08:44:53 »
I have been through Preferences and Customize but can see no button for Undo/redo.

Undo/Redo are only available in the Viewer/Editor.

If that's where you were looking, try View | Customize | Tab:Toolbars and turn on the 'Edit' toolbar - that's whereyou should find them.
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