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> Sorry, it looked like you work for them based upon the frequency of your posts. At least I was hoping you worked for them since you do monitor the site.

My company sells and supports ThumbsPlus in the Netherlands and Belgium, and I'm an avid user myself. Since I'm reading all messages here anyway, and Cerious' staff seems absent, I try to answer those questions that I can.

 > My advice to the original poster is to stay with V7 until this is fixed.

That's generally my advice as well. I wish it could be different!

> Unsatisfied customer,

Take it up with Cerious. I'm just volunteering my time here to help people.

Glad to hear it. Format errors are not very difficult to figure out (and solve with a good text editor) but with a 'native' v7 database you can get to work right away. Good luck!

You can set this using Options | Which Files or through the pull-down menu right above the thumbnail list. It probably says "all files" or "*.*" now instead of "selected files".

> If I reinstalled v7 and used a new database maybe I could work it this way ????

Well, your annotations are stored in your current database, so if that is a v8 or v9 database, you'll have to export it and then import it into v7 (if you try that: it's best to export without the thumbnails, and re-create those during import in v7. Also, if you have multiple-line annotations, you may want to doublecheck afterwards if those have been imported correctly).

I think you'll need v7 for that, which has the relevant option ("Populate caption from annotation") in the menu of its IPTC editor (Ctrl-I).

Hi Michael,

Well, I know ThumbsPlus v7 almost inside-out, but I'm afraid that I can't really help you with 3d party databases.. I have very little experience with (and knowledge of) those. The best that I can do is usually to point people to information from the old newsgroup archives, but you already have those.

If you are sure that the database is approaching its limit (i.e., you have already removed all orphans and deleted records, you are using JPG compression and small thumbnails to keep it as small as possible), and you don't want to split it into multiple databases, then I guess a SQL-type database is your only option (or, with v8/v9 you could use external thumbnails). Personally, I would start by running a 3d party database locally, and only when that works well, I'd try to run it in a client-server configuration (just to keep things 'simple', so that when it doesn't work, it will be easier to locate the problem..).

As for the type of database, the newsgroup archives hold some good MySQL scripts that you could use with TP7, and I'm not so sure if there are any good ready-made Postgres scripts. As for TP7/TP9.. yes, please do thoroughly test v9 to see if it can do everything that you need reliably. I agree that the Python scripting option could be a real benefit, but for me personally, the stability and reliability of v7 (and its IPTC/EXIF editor) are still more important and that's why I still prefer that old version for my own uses.

I'm really sorry that I can't be of more help.. Best of luck!


ps: Since you speak German, you could also check the forums at to see if there are still any MySQL/Postgres experts there.

Until some time in 2010, Cerious Software's developers and staff used to offer technical support through its newsgroups. The newsgroups contained a wealth of information on many advanced subjects, which was lost when the newsgroups were replaced by this forum.

For those interested, I have exported my newsgroup archives into 'unix mailbox raw' format, zipped them up and uploaded them to my Dropbox account, from which you can download them. You should be able to import the many thousands of messages into your own newsreader and then browse and search them. Original attachments such as SQL scripts and web wizard templates are included too.

It's a 117 MB download. The link is: [link=][/link]

The archives are not complete (many older and less relevant messages are missing) but in all, they contain many thousands of messages from these newsgroups:


For those who have already downloaded my archives when I made them available last year ([msg=67]here[/msg]): these are the same files, so you wouldn't benefit from downloading them again.

I hope that this is useful for many of you!

Glad to hear that you got it working (for HTML anyway)!

Yes, these instructions were from the XP days - I should have mentioned that. I don't know if they'll work with Windows 7 / IE9, but I think there's a good chance that they will. Please let me know when you get round to it!

In the past, Internet Explorer supported OLE so it could render a webpage, generate an image of it and pass that on to other applications, like ThumbsPlus. However, it could also be used to render malicious code, and so Microsoft disabled this functionality.

You can re-enable this functionality on your own risk by editing your registry. A ready-made .reg file that does this (when you double-click it after saving it) can be downloaded from line item #162, "Restore HTML, HTM, URL Thumb View", from [link=][/link].

That particular .reg file also enables thumbnails for a few other formats that you may not be interested in though. The lines to keep for .htm, .html and .mht functionality are these:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\.html\shellex\{BB2E617C [etc.]

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\.htm\shellex\{BB2E617C [etc.]



note that some of the the original lines were too long to copy here, so I edited them with '[etc.]'.
Do not use these (now crippled) lines - use the .reg file linked above.

In ThumbsPlus, your file type definitions (Options | Preferences | File Types, look for .HTM in the Documents category) should be as follows:

For .HTM:

For .HTML:

For .MHT:

When you've done this, reboot and see if it works. If it does not, you may have to change the "Load Using" value for .HTM files from Internal to OLE.

I hope this helps!

If you still have the old machine, go to Start | Run, and type regedit.exe . Regedit will show you Windows' registry and everything that's saved inside it.

Browse to the key named HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cerious Software Inc.\ThumbsPlus\7.0 and make a note of the values of Usercode, Username and Usercount (character case, spaces, punctuation etc. are all critical).

Then enter those same values during installation of v7 on your new laptop, or enter them afterwards through Help | Enter Registration Info.

> Thanks for your reply.
> The plug-in being used is Cerious Plug-in and then plug_digicam.tpp. I've tried changing to the other options (I am using Photoshop CS3) but no improvement, some of them much worse. I don't understand about "built-in preview images embedded in the DNG files." I do notice that my .CR2 files do display full screen making me think it has to do with the DNG files. Is there any solultion to this or should I just stop converting my CR2 files to DNG? I've had to switch to Adobe Bridge to view my DNG files in larger format.
> Slideshow settings are set to full screen but it doesn't seem to want to work that way.

Raw files (such as CR2 and DNG) have preview images built into them so that photo viewing applications can display their contents quickly, without having to process all the raw sensor data that's inside these files and turning it into a viewable image (which can easily take 4-15 seconds per image).

So, an explanation for the behavior that you're seeing could have been that ThumbsPlus is using this preview image (rather than the full sensor data) for slideshows, and that the DNG files have smaller previews built in than the CR2 files. If that's not it, I don't know what else could be causing it. But then, raw files are not very suitable for slideshows to begin with, because of that long processing time. If you're one of those users who use the slideshow to view and cull images, I'd suggest using the regular viewer for those purposes instead. In the viewer, you can use Space and Backspace to move back and forth through your images.

Some people convert their original raw files into DNG thinking that the DNG format will be supported for much longer into the future than CR2 files. I doubt if that's true and personally, I'd never do anything to my original files that might lead to a loss of data or that may not be processed as well as my native raw files are by their native applications - in other words, I'd want to keep them in Canon's CR2 format and keep the option to use Canon's software to process them.

Right-click on a .dng file and choose Configure Type. See which plug-in is being used to load them.
Then go to Options | File Plug-ins and go to the relevant plug-in. It may or may not be using the built-in preview images that are embedded in your DNG files. If it does and those preview images are small, that might explain it.

For general slideshow settings, including if and how images will be resized to full screen size, see Options | Viewing | Slideshow.
To experiment with those settings, use Alt-F8 to review the settings and launch the slideshow.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Registration Issue
« on: 2011-11-12 01:10:48 »
Also.. be sure to use the exact user name and code as they were communicated to you when you bought your license.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Registration Issue
« on: 2011-11-12 01:09:07 »
I didn't try this, but when you run regedit.exe to open and edit your registry (if you're not uncomfortable doing that), there should be an entry for version 7.0 under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cerious Software Inc.  

Within that are three fields (keys) that store the name, code and number of users. Maybe you can edit the name there (or delete those keys), then exit regedit, launch TP7 and see if it will let you enter the correct details. I'd make a system checkpoint first so you can restore the system to its current state if things don't work out.

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