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> I'll try to think and implement the best/most reasonable solution for the next build.

That would be great!

I don't know how complicated this would be, but for even more flexibility (than only a command line option that loads a specific .ini file), maybe you could allow users to redirect sections of the ini file to a different file. The Total Commander file manager does this, mainly to allow system administrators to dictate some important common settings to users, whilst leaving them free to configure other aspects of the program.

It works like this: When a section contains a command "RedirectSection=", the program reads and writes the relevant settings from and to that other .ini file. It supports environment variables like %APPDATA% and %USERNAME% ([link=]full list here)[/link], in addition to a few program-specific variables that point to the program's home dir, the dir where its .ini is, et cetera.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / Import from TP7
« on: 2011-05-09 23:15:02 »
Bob, what may have gone wrong with your first attempt at the time is that maybe you did not export the actual thumbnail (image) data. That takes up heaps of space and the exported text file could easily go over any 2GB or 4GB filesize limits. However, with offline media, you have to include those thumbnail data, or else you'll have to re-scan all those discs to re-create the thumbnails in your new database.

(which, as an aside, would give you an opportunity to check if those aging discs can actually still be read; and make backups if you're beginning to get read-errors)

Still, you should be able to export those thumbnails from TP7, maybe a few discs at a time, and import them into TP8.

Once you have done that and you want to split your new database into two (one for online media and one for offline media), you can simply exit TP and copy your database file, and then relaunch TP and use it to remove all 'online' thumbnails from the first database, and all 'offline' thumbnails from the second database.

> I hope they allow for this in future updates.

Me too. There are many more settings that one may want to adjust to the database (and the type of images/documents/media in it), so I think it would be great if we could specify the ini file on the command line too.

> Now, in TP V8x, any DB I open shares the Thumbs.ini file, and thus the "remembered" folder is always the folder I was in the last time I closed TP regardless of the DB.

Yes, unless you define a specific path under Opt | Pref | Startup, but that would then be used with all databases..
> Is there anyway I can get this functionality back?  Like specifying a different
> ini file?  Or a different settings directory?

Unfortunately the old -i command line parameter no longer seems to work..

Well, one possible solution might be to create multiple .ini files (one for each database, with the desired StartupFolder= value) and then use as many corresponding batch files that do something like this when they launch TP:


copy /y dogs.ini thumbs8.ini
start /wait "C:\Thumbs8\Bin\thumbs8.exe" "f:\mydatabases\dogs.tpdb8"
copy /y thumbs8.ini dogs.ini

Likewise, for a cats database you'd create a Startcats.bat like this:

copy /y cats.ini thumbs8.ini
start /wait "C:\Thumbs8\Bin\thumbs8.exe" "f:\mydatabases\cats.tpdb8"
copy /y thumbs8.ini cats.ini

- The first line would replace thumbs8.ini with the ini file that belongs with the database that you'll be using.
- The second line launches TP with that database, then waits until TP has exited.
- The third line would update the ini file for any changes made in settings during this session.

Finally, on your desktop, you would create a shortcut to each batchfile.

Note: I didn't test this, and you'll want to use full path names to the ini files.

I guess the biggest drawback of this approach would be that when you tweak or refine settings in ThumbsPlus, they'll only be saved for the current database/ini set. I'm sure that more elegant solutions are possible, but hopefully this can be a practical solution for some users.

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