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ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / DJVU files
« on: 2017-04-10 05:28:12 »
Thanks, Daan! I saw on that there was an irfan plugin, and they have browser plugins, but as you say there doesn't seem to be a PhotoShop plugin.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / DJVU files
« on: 2017-04-09 21:21:57 »
Does anybody know how to thumb DJVU files?
I have added the DJVU viewer as an external program, so I can view them, but I can't get thumbnails. I would like to see a thumbnail of the first page, just like pdf files.


Helmer Aslakse

Good point!

It opened beautifully in GSview, too!

Exactly! It opens no problem in Acrobat reader, and the security settings look normal. The first page seems to be a picture, but why should that confuse T+?

I am able to make thumbnails for PDF files using the plugin, but one of my files gives me an error about Digicam plug-in failed to load. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I have a lot of problems thumbnailing video files. Some problems can be solved by deleting the thumbnails (Shift-Del) and then using Ins instead of F3. However, for many problem, it seems that you have to tweak your splitters filters/codecs. I use K-Lite's Full version, which has ffdshow.

Some of my mpg files only had black thumbnails. (It seems to be the ones with MPEG-2 Program Stream instead of Transport Stream.) I opened the Codec Tweak Tool and clicked on Codec and Filter Management: Preferred splitters. Scroll downed the left column (32-bit) until I saw .MPG. Then selected LAV instead of Microsoft. This solved my problem!

However, I don't really understand what's going on, because if click on Configuration: DirectShow Filters: Video Decoders: LAV Video decoder: Formats, I see that MPEG-2 is unchecked, so I really don't understand if I'm using LAV or not. If I click on Configuration: DirectShow Filters: Video Decoders: ffdshow video decoder (x86), I see that libavcodec is selected.

Anyway, it solved my black thumbnails.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / thumbnailing large video files
« on: 2016-09-03 11:41:58 »
I used to have this problem in the past, too, but it seemed to go away in one of the recent releases. Or maybe it was caused by a change in my codec setup. Thumbnailing videos is quite buggy.

Dear Daan,

I tried the third solution, but forgot about the 'Automatically Remove Orphans' option. Thanks!


I recently used Disk Management to change the name of one my external drives. When I opened up TP, both the old and the new names appeared under Computer. Is there any way for me to change the name of the old version in TP or any other way to update TP? In the end I had to remove all the thumbs in the old version, refresh, and remake thumbs in the new one. There's probably something simple I'm missing, but I couldn't find it.


By the way, here is an example of my problem.

Dear Daan,

Yes, there is some problem with transparancy. Thanks for the tip about JASC Animation Shop. Will also see if I can do something in GIMP.

I want to support Cerious, so I'm willing to live with problems in order to help them beta test. I was actually beginning to like 4007. I have uninstalled and gone back to 4005. I couldn't find a link to 4007.

I'm having some weird problems. It doesn't seem to occur all the time, but often when I try to move a group of files, a + appears instead, but nothing happens. Neither copy nor move. I have to drag them again. Then there is no +, and the files do move. Strange!

I have a lot of problems with animated GIFs and TP. Most of them I've somewhat learned to live with, but one is causing a serious problem. Sometimes I will get lots of black dots when viewing the animation. Sometimes I will only get it when stepping through the animation. Any suggestions? It could be that the problem is with the files. Any suggestions for how I can change the file to avoid this problem? Thanks!

Helmer Aslaksen

Oh, yes. Faster.

But there are still a lot of things I don't understand.

What's the difference in T+ between thumbing multiple files, vs just do F3 on one of them or Ins?

Why did some of the ones with the VC-1 coded give me trouble, but not others?

Not quite sure what K-Lite was using earlier. Either LAV or some Microsoft stuff, I think.

I just installed the Full K-Lite package instead of the Basic. The Full one has FFdshow. Then I switch between different ones to test.

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