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sorry for the late reply. i forgot.

anyway, i always make sure the volume label is the same. everything else is a check and double check

if you can get past the watermark, take a look at the system help "platform". it says XP. this is a 32bit w7 os

what's the most recent version of tp that uses the same format as tp5, that i can download.

ThumbsPlus v7 Sp.2, download:

32bit windows7 can't use my current 64bit w7 database.

Not sure what you mean here. The 32/64b difference applies to executable code (programs, drivers, etc), not to data.

ok. this is making me wonder if maybe there's a wrong setting or something.

here's what i do. say i've added 10 images to my source folder in the main computer and had them categorized in my "galleries".

i'll copy both the 10 images and the td4.
then i'll go over to my backup computers, add the 10 images, and replace the old td4 with the latest one.
that is all i'm doing. all the 64bit w7's are fine but when i do the same to my 32bit windows7 the 10 images aren't categorized and the properties/galleries tab in any of the 10 images is blank, so i do it manually.

maybe there's a setting that's not right??

what's the most recent version of tp that uses the same format as tp5, that i can download.

ThumbsPlus v7 Sp.2, download:

32bit windows7 can't use my current 64bit w7 database.

Not sure what you mean here. The 32/64b difference applies to executable code (programs, drivers, etc), not to data.

for some reason when i copy td4 from 64bit to 32bit. both lenovo w7 pro. different models but otherwise both w7 pro, the new additional images have to be manually categorized. also, the galleries tab in the image properties are all blank. anyway, just a curiosity because i only use the 32bit for the scanner. all my other backups(64bit...i have SEVERAL computers backing up very important TP images) are fine when i copy the td4. it's just this one 32bit that's not syncing.

what does the thumbs.ini do?

It stores many of your settings.

will all my stuff run if i do a simple transfer from tp5 to tp11 or whatever the most popular version is? 5 is very old

Hopefully it will, but it has an all-new database format. You can download TP10 and use its Database | Convert TD4 function to see if your old database will continue to work.

what's the most recent version of tp that uses the same format as tp5, that i can download.

 32bit windows7 can't use my current 64bit w7 database. i have to manually organized all the new images for the 32bit backup. the only reason i'm still using 32bit is my expensive scanner is 32bit

Maybe you should reinstall TP5. Or delete thumbs.ini and see if the program will start up then (if so, it will create a new ini file with all-default settings).  You're trying to run a program from 2002 in 2019 though, so hiccups are to be expected.

i think it might be a corrupt td4. i have to double check. all those error messages(several) were popping up one after the other threw me off. i just copied a td4 from another backup and it worked, sp i'm double-checking everything.

what does the thumbs.ini do?
will all my stuff run if i do a simple transfer from tp5 to tp11 or whatever the most popular version is? 5 is very old

it happened again on another computer, same circumstance. it's a computer i haven't back up for a few months. the exact same thing is happening. i don't remember what i did before. i was just playing around and got tp5 to work, so being that i was just shooting in the dark i have no idea how i got the other backup computer to work.

now i cannot open tp5 because it cannot connect to the database???

here's 2 of the several error messages. maybe this is not the right forum for these errors or maybe it is. anyway, here's the errors....

[5015/8033] Database error: ; [-1045-HY000] [Microsoft][ODBC microsoft Access Driver] Not a valid bookmark..

[5015/8036] Database error:SQL Connect Error; [0-IM006] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]Driver's SQLSet ConnectAttr failed.

at startup, the left pane has no tree or my galleries. it is only showing thumbnail previews.

Do you see a tab named "Preview" in or above that left pane? If so, hover your mouse pointer approximately 1 milimeter above it, and see if the pointer changes into a double arrow, indicating that there's a separation bar that you can move. Drag that bar up or down and chances are that your tree will re-appear.

thx. it's always something. my tp5 is always set so i never have to concern myself with this,,,until something happens LOL SMH

Launch TP5 and go to Options | Preferences | Startup.

Was the correct database file defined under 'Initial Database' ?

it's fine now. i think it was a weird hiccup. however there's a new issue,,,,,
at startup, the left pane has no tree or my galleries. it is only showing thumbnail previews. the right pane only has the thumbnails of the source folder

i opened my backup computer.
haven't done it in 4 months so i thought i should update my source images and td4

there was an initial problem regarding a database error that i should have copied but i didn't. it said something about check again or database corruption(which was copied from my flash drive backup)

anyway, here's what's happening. i updated the source image folder and the td4, but when i opened Thumbs5 it was NOT being directed to the Thumbs5/td4 file. instead i am only getting the Thumbs5 folder. i have double checked everything.

windows7 pro.
volume label is correct .......DRIVE_C (C:)
TP5 is installed properly ........C:Thumbs5
source location is correct ..........C:\Program Files\Paint Shop Pro\images
database at start up is correct ...........C:Thumbs5\Thumbs.td4

but as i said the td.4 is not opening. only the folder is opening, which amounts to some 30 or so gifs from the Thumbs5 folder. i copied from two different flash drive backups
ps. i thought of going back so i tried a system restore point but that failed. i got some kind of message saying the previous restore points were not valid or somesuch message. i uninstalled/installed tp5 again. it did not help.

You are using a very old version of ThumbsPlus, which makes it hard to offer suggestions.

When you look under Options | Preferences | General, is there an option "Allow Folder Operations"? If so, and it is off, then that explains why you could not rename files (turn it on and see if renaming files works).

Other possible reasons why files cannot be renamed include:

The file is read-only, or it is on a read-only disk (CD-ROM) or write-protected disk.
A file already exists in the same folder with the same name.
The file is on a network drive and you do not have sufficient permission to rename it.
The file is open by another application on your system, or on another system on the network.
The file doesn't exist (the thumbnail is an orphan).

Generally speaking, when you change the filenames of your images outside of ThumbsPlus (for instance using Explorer or a file manager), then ThumbsPlus can no longer match those files to their thumbnail records in its database. The existing thumbnails for these files, including any keywords and annotations, will become orphaned and you would have to thumbnail the renamed files again (and enter new keywords and annotations).

When you look up one of those renamed files in a gallery, can you still open it in the viewer from there? If so, it would seem that the thumbnail record, and its position in that gallery, are still intact.

yes, they are still intact. functionally, all is fine. the only thing that has changed in the rename is that all the images, as they reside in the source folder have lost their galleries tag, but that's unimportant since the tags are retained in my categorized galleries. in other words, i can see all the galleries tags in BOTH the galleries and the source folder. in the rename, only the source folder tags are lost. the images are fine in their proper galleries

AND NO, i just looked and the "allow folder operations" is not checked!!!!. i'll try on my laptop tonight....thx

this is something a wanted to add about renaming my files, and update everything.

i tried renaming the source files through tp5 and i couldn't. i got a 5110 error message on ALL my windows7 machines. i got as far as the pop up window and when i hit "enter" i got the error message.

when i renamed the source files through windows explorer, the tags disappeared from the files' properties in their source folder(i have tp5 set to open the source folder at startup). not really a big deal. the only important thing is those source folder files are in "numeric name/descending" order, and that is intact.

the galleries tags are intact for the files as they reside in the three dozen categories i have set up in my galleries, and i guess that's all that counts. am i worrying over nothing? nothing has functionally changed. the two most important things remain intact - 1) that the source folder files view is still "numeric name/descending" and 2) all the categorized files have retained their galleries tags

well it gets a little mixed up but i'll try explaining again. actually, more for my benefit :)
1...64bit  > 32bit. all old data established from my windowsXP. everything is fine, td4 is fine
2...32bit > 64bit. all new images (about 40 images)and 2 nearly created galleries, not fine, td4 not correct.

everything seems to work fine  64bit > 64bit. i just tested it on two other machines

my main work is done on the 32bit w7
my backup and all other functions(like internet) is done on the 64bit w7

there have been mistakes copying image files and td4 from the 32bit to the 64bit.

(1) two new galleries i created in 32bit have not been created in 64bit. and
(2) new images do not have the galleries data from 32bit to 64bit - i have to manually redo it in the 64bit
the td4 data has not transferred from one platform to the other

my setup is....
w7 32bit is setup like it was in windows XP since there is no program files (86)folder. both tp5 and psp5(my source program/folder) are in "C:\program files" folder as follows - C:\program files\paint shop pro 5\images and C:\program files\thumbs5\thumbs.td4

my setup for the windows7 64bit is the source psp5 folder for my image files was created in program files(the actual psp functional program is in (86), as follows C:\program files\paint shop pro 5\images. tp5 has it's own folder as follows C:\thumbs5\thumbs.td4

i had until recently been doing all my work on XP. i had backups but for about 9months i had been migrating all my stuff to the w7 64bit with NO PROBLEMS. i just recently got the 32bit w7 and decided to use it exclusively for my work - i'd say roughly a month now. up until i got the 32bit, my XP and w7/64bit were perfectly synced - no problems transferring data. so for the past month that i've had the w7/32bit all additional images and td4 data have been on that machine.

when i copied the images/data over to the 64bit machine is where i find the td4 was not being copied. fortunately within the past month i've only added 40 images, so all the td4 data related to these additional image PLUS the newly created galleries have been manually redone on the 64bit machine.

why am i getting these incompatibilities between the 32bit and 64bit? should i made the 64bit my default work machine since most w7's are 64bit?

btw, fyi...i have tried copying the images/td4 to another w7/64bit laptop and another old windowsXP laptop with the same errors

DAAN...nevermindi made a stupid mistake when i changed the destination.
problem solved and it was my fault

here's 2 snaps. one is the target. the other is a partial snap of tp5 installed on the C:
note, as i mentioned, tp5 was not installed in a thumbs plus5 folder but simply in the drive. did i have to create a tp5 folder? - because i don't remember having to do so before.

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