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I want to start an external program (bat-File) from thumbs. Is it possible to put a parameter after the order test.bat?
Like test.bat /xxx

In the batch file I want to read the paramter like
echo %2 or something.

I tried to write a parameter in the thumbs10.ini-file after the external programm-order, but it doesn't work.

Maybe it is possible to solve it with the DDE-Options in Thumbs? I don't know how DDE works. The help says only, how Thumbs works, when DDE comes. But how can thumbs send a DDE-order to an extrernal batch with parameter?

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Rating 6 shows only 5 Stars
« on: 2018-03-01 22:27:37 »
If I rate a foto with the number 6, then under the thumbnail only 5 Stars are shown. Is that only my problem, or someone here with the same effect?

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Icon as New Menu in Toolbar
« on: 2018-03-01 20:58:16 »
Is it possible to place a icon instead only Text as New Menu in Toolbar?

In the thumbs10.ini, a icon seems to be set in this way:

The New Menu is set like

Maybe there is a trick to bring the code together?

And is it possible to place some border icons or some other elements in the toolbar, so that the Buttons / Menus have more space between and are better visible than only grouping them?

Hello again.
Since Vers. 10 or maybe bevore, I have a problem with keyboard functions. In earlier Thumbs-Version, it was possible, to select some thumbs, make an operation like "Turn 90" and after that I had only to type an arrow-key and the selction was away. So I could go with arrow-keys to the next thumbs, make new selections ... Everything without the mouse.

In the actuel version of thumbs, nothing happend when I made an operation with some images and after that pressing an arrow-key.
The focus seems not set in the Thumbs-Overview-Window anymore. First I must press Str+TAB to select in the "Active Tool Window" to go back to the Thumbs-Window. I think the problem ist this "Active Tool Window", that changed the behavior of the keyboard.

Another example - maybe with the same reason - is if I delete a thumb from a gallery by pressing DELETE-Key. After that I must click again in the Thumbs-Windows or press Str+TAB for coming back to the thumbs windows.

Is ist possible to deactivate this, so that the focus / selection is like "old school"?
Or is there another way to set the focus easy to the Thumbs-Windows?
Or ist ist just my keyboard-problem and no other understand what I mean?


If I want to put some XMP-Informations to some files, I use exiftool, because one Button-Click is quicker then Open the Meta-Editor, load a specific Meta-File ...
But with Exiftool I don't know how to put the Database-informations of thumbs like Keywords or Annotations into XMP-Fields.

So is there a possibility to open by a batch-File a specific Meta-File that changes the XMP-Informations of images include Keywords and Annotations?

Maybe a phyton-Script?


Using ExifTool with thumbs look here:

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / WebPage by Batch from Gallery
« on: 2017-01-31 19:15:12 »
I search for a variabe for Gallery, because I want to start a batch file from a gallery that produce a webpage.

No problem to make a webpage by batch from actual folder by writing:

set /p Ordner=Ordner:%=%
for /f "tokens=2,*" %%i in ('dir /a:d ') do if "%%i"=="von" set "AKTPFAD=%%j"
tpcmd WebPages(mypage;%AKTPFAD%\%Ordner%;%AKTPFAD%;0;WAIT)

This code takes all images from the folder where I start the batch from and put the webpage in another folder.

But I am in a gallery, because I want to order the images manually before I make the webpage.
I need the name / variabel where the Gallery-Sorting is saved.
Can someone help me?


I'm trying to build a batch-File, wich can send selected pictures in Thumbs 10 to Mozilla Thunderbird.

So I select some Pictures with clicking the mouse by holding Strg-Button. Then I start the batch like

FOR %%i IN (%*) DO set 'tmpvar=%%i'
"thunderbird.exe" -compose "to='testmail@xx.xx',subject='Test',attachment='%tmpvar%'"

But always the variable tmpvar seems to be empty - no pictures arrived in thunderbird.

So the question: How can I fill tmpvar?


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