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version: Thumbsplus 9 Sp2 build 3946 (Feb2015)
Windows: 8.1 Pro MCE 64-bit running on Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD
DB: MS SQL Server 2012
HD: WD Red 6TB SATA (6Gb/sec 64MB Cache) (both thumbpls install and database on it)
Mobo: Asus Rampage V Extreme
CPU: Core i7-5960X 3.00GHz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)
RAM: 64GB Corsair Dominator DDR4 PC2300
RES: 1920x1080 Landscape
DISP: Samsung LED HDMI port
thumbnails: 240x240 Tru Color Lzh Lossless
View: Custom View (thumbsize 100%, no stetching)
Items displayed: Name, thumbnail, file size (accurate/formatted)
Params: No child folders, no watch changes, no color management, no grid, no mask, include hidden
Sorting: File Size Descending, Thumbnails last
Windows displayed: thumbnail view, location, tasks, one toolbar with 24 buttons, menu bar
DB Connection: System DSN local db (named pipes), note: tried tcp but it did not affect this issue at all

The specific performance issue is related to scrolling down the pages of the thumbnail view.

With thumbnails at 100% size, on my 40" Samsung LED, the thumbnail table will display 7 images horizantal, and 3 vertical (3.2 to be exact) for a total of 21 fully visible images per page.

For a given folder with only 1276 images with all thumbnails already created, no db tasks running, once the thumbnail view is loaded after switching to the folder, when i scroll down even 1 page, either by pressing PGDWN or clicking once on bottom of vertical scroll bar, I see a white screen in the thumbnail view briefly then the 21 images appear all at once. This happens every time I scrol down one page. If after scrolling down 10 pages, I scroll back to the first page and then scroll down the pages load instantly meaning the images are now cached and load quickly. It is obvious this caching has a preset programming limit. When i tested with my aforementioned settings I found Thumbsplus would retain about 50 pages scroling down and at that point the last scrolled page will start replacing the first in the cache.

Moreover if I decrease thumbnail size to 10% thereby displaying 464 images (29x16) per page instead of 21 (7x3), thumbsplus would still cache all displayed images on these "big" pages as I scrolled down upto about 1000 images before the last loaded image rows start displaying the first in the cache.

Not surprisingly I checked the advanced options and lo and behold there was an option for caching thumbnails set to exactly 1000. Next to the 1000 thumbsplus displayed the memory used by the setting as 231627KB (231MB). The label on the option says (Thumbnail cache count (10-10000). However if you set it to anything higher than 1000 (even 1001), thumbsplus automatically changes it back to 1000 without telling you.

So I have the following three questions:

A. Why are you limiting this to 1000 and preventing changing this option

B. As a feature request is it possible to add an option checkbox that allows always pre-caching 5 pages up, and 5 pages down in the thumbnail view so the user does not have to wait for the page to load (disabled by default with the 5 figure adjustable in advanced options). This makes much more sense from a usability perspective than supporting caching the last 50 pages (or 1000 images) but requiring the user to scroll the page and wait for the caching.

C. Your documentation on the website mentions you are wroking on a 64 bit version of thumbsplus, will this in fact be part of thumbsplus 10 and what is the current provisional estimated release quarter for thumbsplus 10?

Hello All,

I formatted my windows 7 machine, and after formatting tried to run thumbsplus from the exe file without reinstalling in the hopes it would retain my options and settings. unfortunately it seems to be using the registry instead of the database or an ini file in the install folder to maintain options.

In any case, I setup my database DSN with the same name as before and had thumbsplus connect to it without problems. I have reconfigured the options to the way I like them, but still whenever I start thumbsplus, I get this error message:

The ODBC driver registry configuration is incorrect. Would you like ThumbsPlus to attempt to repair this automatically (requires administrator priviliges).

Yes / No

Thumbsplus Message <5746>

Whether I click yes or no the problem isn't fixed, and thumbsplus is running with administrator privileges (run as administrator) did not make a difference. Any hope of fixing this without re-installing and losing configuration options again? I will be happy to manually edit the registry if you tell me what to edit.



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