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ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Error in thumbs10.ini
« on: 2016-01-15 20:11:43 »
Ever since the release of TP9 I have had a problem with an extreme slowdown of building a thumbnail list of an already thumbnailed folder. It can take several minutes to display a folder of 2000 images, and scrolling through is painfully slow.

Ages ago I found out that when this happens deleting thumbs10.ini (or thumbs9.ini for TP9)and let it get recreated cured the problem. This has been a pain as I had to redo all my preferences every time.

After much experimentation, I have finally found the line in the file that is causing the problem, and exactly when the issue occurs.

In the [FileList] section there is a line LargeModeFlags=

In a newly created ini file this is set to 9, but when things slow down it gets set to 126985. I have also found out that this is getting set after opening a particular database (I regularly use 4 different databases).

Does anyone know what LargeModeFlags refers to, and how to stop it changing?

I will pass this on to Laura, but I want to try and find the cause first and if there is something wrong with the database that is causing this to be set so high.

Just installed TP10 4002, and I now have TWO folders in Program Files (x86), ThumbsPlus10 (no space) and ThumbsPlus 10 (with a space). Both have the same creation date and time i.e. when I installed 4002. The no space version only has bin and data folders.

Once again fixing one set of problems has created new ones.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / TP9SP2 Install error
« on: 2014-09-21 06:14:28 »
Just tried to install and got an error part way through "The account already exists". Clicked OK and the install continued, but ended with 'The installation has failed "Fatal error during installation" Please check your settings and try again.'

If I try and run TP9, I get an ODBC error (5015.8036)

I have done nothing different to the many times I have installed new versions of TP9.

To be honest, I don't really give a damn, but the message from Laura was so positive sounding I thought I would give it one last go, but nope, Cerious are still the same shambolic shower they have ever been.

I gave up on TP9 a while ago and converted all my databases back to TP7 (took me a few days of manually writing and running queries in Access) and I now have a stable system that does everything I need.

I have discovered that the PDF plugin does not make thumbnails or open files if there is an accented character (umlaut etc) in the file name.

Applies to both TP7 and TP9. Not sure if the problem is with TP, Ghostscript or the PDF plugin. Any ideas anyone?

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / TP10
« on: 2014-07-15 18:17:57 »
Well I knew it was coming, but I didn't expect it quite this soon.

Absolutely disgusted. So you now want us to beta test TP10, and then when it is released (which will be long before it is ready) pay for the privilege?

How about fixing TP9 first? Your 'loyal' customers haven't had a fully working version since 8 was released.

I for one won't be beta testing. I got sick of posting the same errors for TP9 time and time again just to be ignored.

TP7 still works on Win 7, and until I am forced to upgrade to Win 8 I'll stick with that. My TP9 test installation is now getting un-installed.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / TP9 SP1 Still Has Problems
« on: 2014-06-11 20:17:38 »
Come on Cerious, this just won't do. This SP isn't ready for production release. Why are you ignoring your long suffering and frustrated customers?

Despite God knows how many beta releases of SP1, you still haven't managed to address some fairly basic issues.

1. Turn off display of one user field and they all go; turn it back on and random fields appear. I have reported this for every beta release since user fields were 'fixed' and nothing has been done.

2. Edit a user field and the display does not change unless F5 is pressed. This is a real problem when editing the field the display is sorted on, which is how I usually work.

3. Sort on Numeric Name and Name give exactly the same order i.e. Numeric Name.

There are probably other bugs that haven't been fixed, but a) I don't have time to keep checking them all, and b) I am fed up with typing them up.

None of these are feature requests, they are all things that have worked at some time in the past.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / 3935 Expandable branches
« on: 2014-03-01 06:18:08 »
According to the release notes:-

"Fixed missing expandable branches in the folder tree on some versions of Windows."

I now have seemingly random branches marked as expandable that don't have sub-folders. Each time I restart TP there are different branches marked, none of which are expandable.

Windows 7 x64 Home Premium

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / PDF Plugin
« on: 2013-10-23 05:34:10 »
I have had to re-install my PC from scratch, and have lost the Ghostscript and PDF plugins for TP.

There used to be a thread with detailed instructions and download links, but it is missing. The download links on the Ghostscript page are broken.

Does anyone have a backup of that thread, and working links to the relevant downloads?

Last week I was going to go for the upgrade offer as support had seemed to be getting their act together.

However my upgrade path wasn't on the special offer list (TP9 Pro to TP9 Home Network). I emailed sales for clarification and I'm still waiting for a reply.

A reply now would be useless, as the summer sale offer has ended, and I haven't been able to take advantage.

I am glad about the recent support improvements, but come on Cerious, if you want to be taken seriously as a software house, you still need to do better.

Create empty MySQL database. Export from .tpbd8 with external thumbnails.

Import file to MySQL gives the error message "<5114> D:\Pictures\ThumbsTest.txt: Format error in file."

This happens for multiple databases, including one with only 6 thumbnails from one folder in.

tpdb8 database with external thumbnails, approx 1.8 million lines.

Export to .txt TP crashes after a couple of minutes. Examine the generated .txt and the last enry it was working on was an orphan.

Remove that orphan, run again and it crashes a bit further on, again on an orphan.

Remove orphans from entire drive (all the files in this database are on the one drive) and it runs through as expected.

However the exported .txt won't import (see seperate thread).

TP9 just crashed whilst doing an export, and offered to send a crash report to Cerious.

I had a look through the files it was going to send to see if there was anything that might have helped me to fix the problem myself.


At the time I had my online banking open on my second monitor, and there for all to see was my full account details!

Now I am not suggesting that Cerious would take advantage of this, but it could be a potential security risk if the message was intercepted.

Before sending your crash report, either exclude the .png, or at the very least edit to redact any sensitive information.

I can see how a screen dump might be useful as fault diagnosis tool, but this is a serious breach of security and privacy.

Cerious can we please have the .png omitted by default, or at the very least a prominent warning on the crash dump submission form that the .png could contain personal information. The dump creates a new .png for each crash, so if it was deemed neccessary for Phillip to see it he could always request it later.

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / 3928 No database import
« on: 2013-06-27 07:15:12 »
Clicking on Database|Advanced|Import database... does absolutely nothing.

No menu, no dialog box, no error, nothing left in the log.

However adding the import command icon to a tool bar does work.

The field sort drop down list at the top of the thumbnail window does not have user fields.

Also the list of displayed fields (the 'lightbulb' icon) does not show the selected fields correctly. I suspect the two things are connected which is why I have mentioned them in the one thread.

When installing, browsing to an alternative install path does not change the path in the box. Only way is to type the path in manually.

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