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i opened my backup computer.
haven't done it in 4 months so i thought i should update my source images and td4

there was an initial problem regarding a database error that i should have copied but i didn't. it said something about check again or database corruption(which was copied from my flash drive backup)

anyway, here's what's happening. i updated the source image folder and the td4, but when i opened Thumbs5 it was NOT being directed to the Thumbs5/td4 file. instead i am only getting the Thumbs5 folder. i have double checked everything.

windows7 pro.
volume label is correct .......DRIVE_C (C:)
TP5 is installed properly ........C:Thumbs5
source location is correct ..........C:\Program Files\Paint Shop Pro\images
database at start up is correct ...........C:Thumbs5\Thumbs.td4

but as i said the td.4 is not opening. only the folder is opening, which amounts to some 30 or so gifs from the Thumbs5 folder. i copied from two different flash drive backups
ps. i thought of going back so i tried a system restore point but that failed. i got some kind of message saying the previous restore points were not valid or somesuch message. i uninstalled/installed tp5 again. it did not help.

this is something a wanted to add about renaming my files, and update everything.

i tried renaming the source files through tp5 and i couldn't. i got a 5110 error message on ALL my windows7 machines. i got as far as the pop up window and when i hit "enter" i got the error message.

when i renamed the source files through windows explorer, the tags disappeared from the files' properties in their source folder(i have tp5 set to open the source folder at startup). not really a big deal. the only important thing is those source folder files are in "numeric name/descending" order, and that is intact.

the galleries tags are intact for the files as they reside in the three dozen categories i have set up in my galleries, and i guess that's all that counts. am i worrying over nothing? nothing has functionally changed. the two most important things remain intact - 1) that the source folder files view is still "numeric name/descending" and 2) all the categorized files have retained their galleries tags

my main work is done on the 32bit w7
my backup and all other functions(like internet) is done on the 64bit w7

there have been mistakes copying image files and td4 from the 32bit to the 64bit.

(1) two new galleries i created in 32bit have not been created in 64bit. and
(2) new images do not have the galleries data from 32bit to 64bit - i have to manually redo it in the 64bit
the td4 data has not transferred from one platform to the other

my setup is....
w7 32bit is setup like it was in windows XP since there is no program files (86)folder. both tp5 and psp5(my source program/folder) are in "C:\program files" folder as follows - C:\program files\paint shop pro 5\images and C:\program files\thumbs5\thumbs.td4

my setup for the windows7 64bit is the source psp5 folder for my image files was created in program files(the actual psp functional program is in (86), as follows C:\program files\paint shop pro 5\images. tp5 has it's own folder as follows C:\thumbs5\thumbs.td4

i had until recently been doing all my work on XP. i had backups but for about 9months i had been migrating all my stuff to the w7 64bit with NO PROBLEMS. i just recently got the 32bit w7 and decided to use it exclusively for my work - i'd say roughly a month now. up until i got the 32bit, my XP and w7/64bit were perfectly synced - no problems transferring data. so for the past month that i've had the w7/32bit all additional images and td4 data have been on that machine.

when i copied the images/data over to the 64bit machine is where i find the td4 was not being copied. fortunately within the past month i've only added 40 images, so all the td4 data related to these additional image PLUS the newly created galleries have been manually redone on the 64bit machine.

why am i getting these incompatibilities between the 32bit and 64bit? should i made the 64bit my default work machine since most w7's are 64bit?

btw, fyi...i have tried copying the images/td4 to another w7/64bit laptop and another old windowsXP laptop with the same errors

General Discussion / installing tp5 on windows7 pro 64bit
« on: 2019-02-28 06:23:24 »
i asked this before and as per instructions from  daan i installed tp5  in the C: drive, not C:\program files or C:\program files (86). my source files were setup as instructed to match the td4 established in my former windowsXP

everything is fine on both w7 desktops

i just now tried installing tp5 on a lenovo laptop with windows7 pro and I DID NOT get the option to install on the C as i did on my desktops. instead, the only option for me was to install in program files(86).

WHY? and what should i do

this is the default destination

this is all i get when i want to change the destination to C\

so i've been using my XP as my default computer for tp5 - (there are certain reasons i do this)

anyway, so i copied my source folder and td4 to a windows7computer. i had a problem - i wasn't seeing my newest images and the galleries were not the same - all old and unchanged.

so i had to redirect the startup path. one my XP it's "program files\ paint shop pro\images". now on the windows7 computer, to get this right i had to redirect the path to "program files86\paint shop pro\images" and frankly i am bothered by this necessity.

so while all is right at startup, my updated td4 is sill not registering in windows7, ie all old galleries and old data, even though i replaced the td4 in tp5 in the windows7 computer.

i am totally befuddled. how or where does my td4 file get recognized in windows7? it's not happening in program files86\thumbs5!!


that is,,,when i open tp5 it's defaulted to my source folder of all the images.

can i select an image in the source folder and find out what gallery it's been assigned to ?

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / tp5 not finding new images
« on: 2017-09-27 03:49:27 »
this has happened a couple of times. i copy image files into the source folder and when i opened tp5 they didn't show up, so i cannot organize them in my galleries. this is happening on occasion, but not always. the new images should always be at the top as i arrange them by date/descending.

is there a way to search for them ? like does tp5 have an image search function? i know the file name. maybe i'd have to do it this way for those "lost" images.

or,,,if tp5 simply cannot find them in the startup scan what else can i do to correct this when it happens?

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / font style in tp5
« on: 2017-09-17 23:42:55 »
is the font style in the system folder on the left pane where my galleries are, a product of my computer setttings or can they be set in tp preferences?


i have all my image files named "rsrc.img (xxxx).jpg  currently up to rsrc.img (4027).jpg

currently i have them sorted as primary:date   secondary:date   descending, because i want the latest additions always at the top.  when i change to "numeric name" or "name", although the latest images are still at the top, there's a slight shuffle


what's the difference between, "name", "numeric name", and "date" and what is the necessity for a secondary sort

ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / UH-OH serious problem here
« on: 2017-09-14 04:12:51 »
i tried opening my tp5 and got this message for the first time ever  ....

[5015/8036] Database error:SQL connect error;[0-IM006]
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed.

i am presented with some options, like creating a new database(which is mind-bogglingly impossible as i have 5000 images on the database), but i chose "open existing database", which in turn presents me with the td4 already residing in the tp folder. I  click on it and tp opens however i am presented with this error every time now, and i must chose the existing db again.

in other words, my td4 is fine but the program cannot connect to it.

here's a history of my computer - a long while ago, probably a few years, i noticed FOR THE FIRST TIME that there was a td4, a Thumbs.tdo,  and a Thumbs.idb file residing on my desktop. I DO NOT know where these came from as i never mess around with the contents of the tp folder,,,but somehow someway, these three files suddenly appeared on my desktop - i didn't put them there. so, not knowing anything i sent the thumbs.tdo file to trash but when i tried to open tp it didn't open. so i restored the  file to my desktop and everything was fine. since then i have never messed with those three files on my desktop. so as it stands i have a td4  and thumbs.tdo file in the tp folder but also this other td4 and .tdo file on my desktop along with the thumbs.idb file

my guess is that for some reason, and this is a pure random guess, when i've been opening tp it has not been connecting to the files in the tp folder but maybe these three desktop files instead.

am i correct and HOW CAN I RIGHT THINGS
also,,,what the heck is the .idb file. there is no .idb file in the tp folder, only the tp4 and .tdo files

btw when i open tp5 on my backup laptop there are no such issues,,,none of the three files are on my desktop,,,so whatever is happening to tp on my desktop it is not happening on the laptop.


ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions / program files (x86) folder?
« on: 2016-05-30 16:27:37 »
so i'm trying windows7. i guess it installs 32bit programs in this (x86) folder.

i have been using windowsXP - the image resources for my tp5 is a 32bit program called "paint shop pro 5" and it is located in "program files\paint shop pro 5\images.

if i copy everything, psp5 and tp5,  to windows 7,,,will everything work?? i'm guessing both programs will install in the program files (x86) folder, not program files, so if i copy all my image etc etc and the td4 over to windows 7, will tp5 and psp5 sync correctly?

am i going to have to create a non-executable dummy folder for my psp in the program files folder and will this be enough.


soi noticed this a while back and had been meaning to post.

i found,,like literally i did not know it was there ever before for 15yrs( i think it just appeared one day),,,a tp5.exe on my desktop(windowsXP)
it's not a td4 file, at first i thought it was a stray tp file so i deleted it. when i went to START/TP5 as is the norm, tp didn't start. i can't remember if the program itself didn't start or if  there was an error message. i don't want to replicate this event because it'll freak me out.

so essentially i have two executables now,,,the one in START/TP5 and the one on DESKTOP/TP5. since everything is backed up i'm a little concerned about this at some future point if i have to go to another computer.

any thoughts? i mean, i guess fiddle with what works but why are the two exe's linked in this manner and where might the desktop exe have come from?

is there a way to  layout multiple images on a page, so that i can print them all at once?

currently, i have shift additional images using the top/bottom/left/right margins and run the print page through the printer over and again. problem with that, aside from being cumbersome, is that the printed paper has caught on occasion and i've had to extract the mess manually.

if there was a way to layout all the images on a page format and then print it, it would be GREAT.

thumbs plus 5

thanks all

up until now i've been using wXP. i have also started using w7pro, and i get this issue....

windows7 pro

when i double click tp, i get a "drive c:\ does not have a volume label which,,,,,please enter a new label for the disk". in the entry field there is "DRIVE_C" already entered. when i click "okay", i get a [5088/144]unable to write disk label to drive c:.:     the directory is not a subdirectory of the root directory.

when i click "cancel" i get a "[7243] TP requires unique, non-blank volume labels on disks to differentiate drives. unpredictable results may occur if you don't label your disks. do you want to try to run any?  i click "yes" and TP runs normally. all this to say after i cancel out, tp runs just fine anyway.

what should i do? i never had this issue with wXP.
when i look at the c-drive in tp's left panel, it says c: <#6a13f60f> tp on my wXP it says c:

as far as i can see everything works fine except for this stupid error message

General Discussion / simple questions
« on: 2014-08-10 05:17:20 »
i use tp5. it serves my needs in the following ways
1...the galleries i can create
2...the "transform" tab and ALL it's options (esp the rotate to line function and the printing options...what a godsend)

i use tp to manipulate all my 1000's of stored image files for use in my creative works of art. i manipulate and print, and that is the reference i use for my art.  i don't use any other functions of tp - i don't categorize or tag any of my works. tp is just a tool for referencing and resource.

so i have a couple of questions it worth it to get a later version,,,ie,  have there been any improvements on the functions i currently use in tp5.

2...if i do get a later version, which is the optimal one for me and the td4 file from tp5 applicable to any later version

thx all

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