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I have been a ThumbsPlus user and promoter for many years.  The database and files resided locally on my PC, which changed OS and hardware several times.  All seemed to be fine. I have close to 200K thumbnails.

Last year, I changed my home setup so pretty much all my files are on a NAS.  Other than an occasionally performance blip, all seemed well.

A couple of months ago, I converted OS again (Win7 to Win10).  I actually built a clean WIN10 system, and reinstalled applications.  I had some puzzles with ThumbsPlus and ended up installing/uninstalling several times trying different things.  It finally seemed OK.

It wasn’t, and I think it goes back to the NAS conversion a year ago.

It seems that ThumbsPlus things I use a lot – galleries, keywords, annotation – are connected to how I happen to be navigating to the image.  I have 3 choices which until now I paid no attention to:
•   A path name starting with \\fieldcloud5\nasonly1\OURPICS...
•   A path name starting with \\\nasonly1\OURPICS...
•   A path name starting with  N:\OURPICS…  (“N” is a mapped drive referring to the NAS location)

It appears from spot checking through the galleries, that most thumbnails there happen use the \\fieldcloud5....path name.

•   Which of those methods of navigation is the best?  I thought that the mapped drive is best, since I can keep it the same and change NAS locations and configurations. But the gallery observation seems to contradict this.
•   Does the answer to this depend on how I originally navigate to the database location?  i.e. are some of these relative to that?  BTW, the database file name path displayed is of the \\fieldcloud5.... Navigation choice
•   And the biggie – how can I best merge – or at least identify – annotations, keywords and gallery membership information that I using something other than this single, “best”?  Specifically:
o   Assuming that \\fieldcloud5\naslonly1\OURPICS.... Is the best navigation choice, and I should always use that:
   How do I get the annotations, keywords and gallery membership information that exists only in thumbnails with other paths into those in the preferred path?


I am pretty decent with MS Access and have other reasons to learn Python if those are part of the solution.

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