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ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Broken Help Link
« on: 2020-02-17 14:08:15 »
is this link still good.. I get a 404 error

From Help menu -- T+ SQL examples

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Strange Keyword behavior
« on: 2019-04-05 08:00:17 »
Its me again ..

I had to convert my database from t4 to t10 and in the  process had to move all my keyword and annotation data to the metadata of the images, and then set t10 to repopulate the image database with the info that was in the metadata.

I had images that were keyworded with a field named "kiba trip day xx", where xx ran from 01 to 44... All the images from kiba trip day 10 through kiba trip day 44 brought in the keyword into the database so as to show up in the image data window shown in the image I attach.. These keywords also show up in the Find By Query function. Here is the strange part. The images keyworded with "kiba trip day 01" through "kiba trip day 09", while showing up in the keyword field on the image ( see attached image at the right), DO NOT show up in the Find By Query list.

If I manually add them to the image, then I have 2 items that say kiba trip day xx, but only one item in the find by query list ..

I suspect that there is something about that leading "0" in the day 01 thru the day 09 that got things confused when it brought in the keyword from the metadata.

I rescanned the folder, but nothing changed.

Ideas as to what happened.. I will go back and manuall re-add the keyword of day 01 thru day 09 and it WILL show up as a query field, but then I will duplicates int he image database window ( but only a single one in the Edit Keywords list , BTW)

PS - the reason it shows day 09 and 08 in the attached images is cause I was experimention at how to get the "0" prefixed images to show up.. There is NO day 07, day 06 etc in the list  ( till I readd a duplicate keyword)

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Thumbnail orientation question
« on: 2019-04-03 23:08:41 »
Help .. My portratit thumbnails are coming rotated "wrong" (lol Im doing sometime wrong)

How do I get the thumbnails to orient properly .. landscape to landscape -  portrait to portrait.

Hello All..

Maybe I'm missing something. When in the page that has the thumbnails view, I can call up an image to photoshop (external program) using the icon I added to the menu bar, but I can't seem to add that external program button to my menu bar when I double click the thumbnail and call up just that image itself ( see attachment). I can add various (but not all) other commands to the full image menu bar  - but not the add external program to that menu bar. What's up.

Also, I would like to be able to add the batch command to the individual image menu bar, but cant see that it is available in that menu either.

Hello all ... Sooo .. I go to add a keyword to an image.. I want to add the keyword "airplane" [ i use lowercase in my keywords]. T10 does NOT keep the lower case. It upper cases it to " Airplane" LOL... HUH .. I then keyword "airplane2" it does it correctly with all lowercase.


Mine has been "doing something"  .. that green back adn forth for a couple hours now.. I think it is stuck .. Any danger in closing it or terminating the process?

I experience slow loading of thumbnails if T10.

I click on a folder, and after about a 1 second  delay,  the thumbs start displaying at  about 10 per second ... Thumbs 7 was fairly instant to first  image to display a and then the rest of the process went at about 30-40  thumbs displayed per second.

Also, If I wait and wait and wait, without scrolling, while what I think is population of the display array is happening,T10 ONLY populates/displays the first screen of thumbs  that will fit in my window. When, thinking that OK all the background populating has happened,  I scroll down with the wheel, I get no joy -   there is blank space  at the bottom of the thumbs window, and only then does the display start apparently building the display of  those next images in the folder. ARRRGGGG :(

Now, here is where it gets even more interesting .. AFTER doing the scroll/ wait/ display, and then scroll/ wait/ display to the end of the folder of images, the mouse scroll back and forward IS speedy and instant like it was in T7.

If I  then click out to another folder, I go thru the same frustrating process of a waited display, and then when when click back into the original folder, T10 still has the wait/scroll wait/display/scroll/wait display lag.  :-\

Whats up? Am I missing a setting. Do others have this behavior??

I have run T7 of the same win 10 machine and the loading and scrolling up and down is super fast .  8) I have tried this with the thumbnails contained in the database, and also with a database having images contained in folders.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Move Thumbnails back into DB
« on: 2019-01-30 20:36:52 »
My DB currently has the thumbnails stored in files. I see there is an optiong to move thumbnails to files, but is there an  option/way to move the thumbs back into the DB. I am finding that thumbnail loading is a bit slow and also when I scroll the thumbnails the display lags when scrolling in the foreward direction but not when scrolling in the backwards direction.

I recall in t7 that when you tag an image/thumbnail, a little flag icon would show up on the lower left corner of the thumbnail. Is that little icon overlay feature still availabe in t10.. Maybe I ma missing something. The icon shown when I view the image but not on the thumbnail.

Also, Does Alt, tag the images. The help says it does, but did they mover the command. The button help text says it is ctl INS???

Instead of selecting an item to show in the left pane and then moving it to the right where it indexes to the bottom and then I have to grab it and move it, I would like to just drag it from the left to the right side.

BUT WAIT -- P Crews, you are pretty crafty yes you are. I find that I index on the right side field ( target) and then index on the left side field and then hit the > button and it puts it right under the item selected int he right side target pane ... That is freaking slick ...   :) ;D

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / email problem - locks up
« on: 2019-01-13 17:32:34 »
hello all

I set the default email to Outlook in the preferences but when I try and send an email image, I get this message and I have to go to task manage and shut down both outlook and t10.

Any ideas

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / "Move" Menu
« on: 2019-01-12 16:53:26 »
Where did my Move command go? The copy command has the browse (to another location) feature bu I dont see it on the Move Command. See Image Attached

General Discussion / I Deserve a Standing Ovation
« on: 2019-01-08 12:27:33 »
Ok all .. I just upgraded from t7 to t10.

Standing Ovation Success #1 ....
Reason for staying on v7 so long was because I have to COPY ALL images from one HD to another AND retain all the keywords and the gallery and annotations. [ All that being done so as to have a backup CLONE of my entire image collection on another disk. The thumbs Copy Command does NOT transfer all this information. You lose I think the galleries and maybe annotations.] (I found this out the hard way.)

I was able to reverse engineer what was going on and found out how to use the export DB function of t7 and then go back into the exported file and edit it directly to change the HD indexing information to point to the target drive receiving the copy of all the images.

You do a normal file manager copy of all the images from the source drive to the target drive  ( preserving exactly the same folder structure) and then you replace the td4 with the modified td4 that has the target drive HD index designator overlaid into it and replacing the old HD index info.

The reason for doing all this is because if your have a backup of your thumbs HD and your actual drive crashes, if you recover the backup onto a new disk, the thumbs database will not index the images against the replacement disk, and the indexing will still point to the old drive, and while the thumbnails will show up, they will be orphans ,and you wont be able to call up the image. Thus if you need to have a secure clone you need to do this HD indexing info reassignment to index the old  HD index # to the new HD index #.

Not sure yet how the t10 does a backup. My understanding is that it does not have the thumbs db export capability like t7 did.

If anybody can advise on what happens if the disk of the t10 database and/or your HD that contains you images crashes and you have to run t10 against a new HD containing the restored image files , i would like to hear.

Standing Ovation Success #2 ...
I just recreated 50 thumbs batch tpb files to the t10 batch format. BY HAND!!! I called up t7 and windeowed it next to t10 and went thru each .tbp and manually recreated it in the t10 that was open in the adjoining window .. What a PITA. but done. YAY.

This could be a nice feature.. even give rezize options so that FB does not have the full size image. :)

Regarding batch scripts created with T+ Vs 7? Extension .tpb

How much interest is there in converting these to the new v10  ".tp_batch" format?

Do many of us have tbp files that need conversion. I don't know about you but I have about 100 tbp routines. Is anybody interesed in a service that will take you old files and convert them to the new format.

I would pay $2-3 per batch routine to have a service do the conversion.
Anybody else interested?
IF so post the number of batch routines you have, and if you are interested in using a service to run the conversion.

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