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ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Too Many Users
« on: 2018-08-13 08:50:42 »
When I open a second database, I get an error message saying I have too many users and the database will not open.  This has happened three times now and I have had to recreate the database by re-scanning.  Fortunately this is a small database with only a few thousand pictures in it, so it does not take too long, but it is very frustrating and if it happens to my main database it will be painful.

I have only one computer and there have been no crashes.

What is happening?


Thank you very much.  The Privacy option is the perfect answer for me.

Finally, with regard to the Backspace key and your folder history: See Options | Preferences | Privacy, where you can stop TP from saving folder history between sessions.

I have figured out that the key to this particular question is in the thumbs10.ini file under the [FolderHistory] heading.

Perhaps a better question would be:  Is it possible to have a different thumbs10.ini for different databases?


I have separated my photos into two Databases.  The photos live on separate drives and exist for separate reasons.

If I use the Backspace key to move back through folders, it does not respect the separation between Databases, and will jump to a folder in the other Database and scan in all the images.

Is there a way to limit where a particular Database will look for images?

Is there a way to automatically delete the list the Backspace key works from when exiting the program.

Is there a way to have a different Backspace list for different Databases?

A similar problem exists for the dropdown Keyword list that you get to with a right-click-slide-and-hover.

Is it possible to have two copies of Thumbsplus in separate directories so that I could start the one I want and never get any cross pollination between the two Databases.


There was one or two blanks at the end of the bad keyword.  The space was evident in any sort of list that was comma separated.  I suppose there could have been some unprintable character in that spot, but I doubt it.

Thumbs plus would find the keyword when I would select it off a list or when I typed it in without the following blanks.  

The keyword was one of the first that I created and I have never had a problem with it that I recognized until now.

You are an amazing wealth of knowledge. Your suggestion for how lists are sorted led me to finding my corrupt, but still functional keyword.  I purged and replaced it in the data base and in the metadata for 6,000 pictures.  Finally cleaned up the file as you suggested and everything is working as it should. My keyword list is shorter and contains no repeats.

Thank you very much for the help and for sticking with it through the weekend even.


I just figured out we are not talking about the same dropdown list.  The one I use most frequently is the right click - keywords - slide right and hover.

I have tried a couple times to turn off the drop down list for keywords.  I unchecked the box, hit apply, and nothing changed.  I tired again and exited and restarted the program, without change.

This has been a most interesting exercise.  The keyword 00 Brad is somehow different.  It was one of the first keywords I used and it has been used over 6,000 times in the database.  The oddness is likely to be in the blank space between 00 Brad and the following comma visible in the screen shot:


As you suggest, I can probably locate all the 6,000 files, add a new unique keyword to them, delete 00 Brad from the database, locate all the files with the new unique keyword and add 00 Brad back to them.

This might clean up a problem in the database, but it will not fix the dropdown list.  Deleting a keyword from the database will not remove it from the dropdown list.

Using any keyword other than 00 Brad will move it from its current location on the dropdown list up to the top of the dropdown list.  If I add 00 Brad to something, it gets added to the top of the dropdown list, but is not removed from any other location on the dropdown list.

I need to clean up the weird keyword and then find a way to reset the dropdown list.  Any suggestions?

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Cleaning up drop down lists
« on: 2016-12-17 21:42:58 »

Thank You

No change.

The key word list is good, just the helpful dropdown window when I make assignments


It would be very handy if the keyword right click drop down list would filter out repeats.  Having the same keyword many times on the same list confuses things.

Brad - Thumbsplus user & Fan for 17 years

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Cleaning up drop down lists
« on: 2016-12-15 08:19:01 »
Is there a way to clean up the drop down lists when opening a different data base.


ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Database size and Cloud Drives
« on: 2016-01-16 12:22:28 »
This is an ongoing effort that is slowed down a lot by having the cloud back up going on.  Before I start again, I will turn off the wireless.

Evidently there was some event on January 6, 2012 that impacted a large number of my photos.  For all that have this as a file date, the Metadata will not read or change.  When I look at properties in TP the number three tab (info) is missing.  TP will not modify the Metadata, but it will delete it and after that, everything is fine.

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