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General Discussion / Re: What's new about TP11
« on: 2020-05-21 07:31:16 »
I paid for an upgrade from v9 to v10 back in 2015, then v10 was released as a free upgrade, but was told my payment would be good for v11. Been waiting ever since, with just the odd email saying that v11 is nearly ready for beta testing.

I guess at the moment with the pandemic there are more important things on their minds!

That's not the System Tray, that's the Task Bar.

Mine is also blank.

I had just typed pretty much the same reply and noticed you beat me to it Daan before I hit 'Submit'!

It might be worth comparing the converted database to a new tpdb8 as other tables may have been missed that aren't immediately obvious. Some of the tables are used 'on the fly' only for certain functions, typically search results and user fields, and if they were missing wouldn't produce an error until you tried to use the function, as with search.

I've done this without using a gallery by using a user field.

Create a user field then use that to number your images in the order you want them (remembering to use leading zeros). It is then a simple job to sort the folder on the user field.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Separate configurations
« on: 2016-07-01 11:05:19 »
This is probably one of the most requested features since TP began, but as yet it hasn't been implemented. The configuration ought to be stored in the database, not an .ini file. The .ini file should be reserved for settings specific to the PC (for example hardware or file system) that is common to every database.

There was a thread that I can't find now, where someone wrote a batch file that modified thumbs10.ini before opening the database. This has limitations however, because making any config changes won't be reflected the next time the database is opened.

You need to install Ghostscript, instructions in this thread:-

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Error in thumbs10.ini
« on: 2016-01-16 04:09:37 »
Thanks guys, with that information I now know the cause of the problem, and can confirm this is indeed a bug!

One database has 6 user fields that I always have displayed; I have never noticed the slow down with it.

The second database, the one that slows down, doesn't have any user fields.

With a fresh .ini, open the database without user fields - all OK. Quit TP.

Open the database with user fields, and display them - all OK. Quit TP.

Again open the database without user fields - display of thumbnails is slow. Quit TP.

Open database with user fields - all OK, so turn off display of user fields. Quit TP.

Finally open database without user fields - all OK again.

Solution? Store the display of user fields in the database, not the .ini, as user fields are database dependent.

I will submit this as a fault to Laura, and hopefully it can get fixed before SP1 production release.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Error in thumbs10.ini
« on: 2016-01-15 20:11:43 »
Ever since the release of TP9 I have had a problem with an extreme slowdown of building a thumbnail list of an already thumbnailed folder. It can take several minutes to display a folder of 2000 images, and scrolling through is painfully slow.

Ages ago I found out that when this happens deleting thumbs10.ini (or thumbs9.ini for TP9)and let it get recreated cured the problem. This has been a pain as I had to redo all my preferences every time.

After much experimentation, I have finally found the line in the file that is causing the problem, and exactly when the issue occurs.

In the [FileList] section there is a line LargeModeFlags=

In a newly created ini file this is set to 9, but when things slow down it gets set to 126985. I have also found out that this is getting set after opening a particular database (I regularly use 4 different databases).

Does anyone know what LargeModeFlags refers to, and how to stop it changing?

I will pass this on to Laura, but I want to try and find the cause first and if there is something wrong with the database that is causing this to be set so high.

I haven't updated from 4003 yet, so I have just checked and manually checking for updates does now report that 4004 is available.

However it doesn't seem to check automatically. I have auto check set to once per week, so it may not be a week since the upgrade flag at Cerious was set, so I will wait and see and report back.

Just installed TP10 4002, and I now have TWO folders in Program Files (x86), ThumbsPlus10 (no space) and ThumbsPlus 10 (with a space). Both have the same creation date and time i.e. when I installed 4002. The no space version only has bin and data folders.

Once again fixing one set of problems has created new ones.

No, I am still using Jet. I had such poor performance from SQLite in the early days I gave up on it. I may have another go once I am sure that TP10 is stable.

Using the Jet database I found (with TP9 at least) that when things slowed up, deleting Thumbs9.ini and letting TP re-create it fixed the problem. Of course you will lose all your settings, but as a diagnostic it may be worth trying (with Thumbs10.ini obviously).

I had started saving the ini file before starting TP each time to try and identify which entry was changing, but so far I haven't identified any single entry that is at fault. So far TP10 is behaving itself, but time will tell.

General Discussion / Cerious Software Forums
« on: 2015-07-16 07:59:20 »
Just installed the production release of TP10 (build 4001), and so far so good.

Sorting of numeric file names... FIXED!
Updating of edited user fields...FIXED!

Thumbnail scrolling speed seems to be much improved, but this was always an intermittent issue for me, and I found could be fixed by deleting thumbs9.ini and letting TP re-create it. Only time will tell on this one.

However, there is still an issue with mouse wheel scrolling/zooming and the focus window (see [msg]3981[/msg])

So far this seems to be the best release since TP7SP2, and if TP11 builds on this success maybe Cerious are back on track.

I've just installed the production release of TP10 (build 4001), and sorting finally works!

I have the same issue. I removed the TP9 icon from the Taskbar by right clicking and 'Unpin this program from taskbar', but the program remains installed and can be run from the Start Menu.

We need a way of uninstalling TP9. We could select 'Clean Install' from the TP10 installer, but that would wipe out all our preferences.

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