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If these hints are unclear to you, you should not use them. There should already be some PC knowledge.
The best way to speed up TP is, according to my experience, the use of an SSD. The 'Thumbs.tpdb8s' should be on the SSD. So you speed up TP much more than any other tip can do.

regards Ilse

These points are wonderfully explained by you.

In this thread, however, the acceleration of SQLITE was the goal.

Each user should decide how much security or speed is important to him.

In my opinion, TP is rarely executing transactions that require this high level of security. The images are never endangered, everything else could easily be restored manually.
A backup copy of the DB after major changes also increases the security.

In my view, the advantage of rapid processing in daily use is the main advantage.

Regards Ilse

This error can occur in my opinion only under Win 10 (Win 8?) if you have specified own paths during the installation of TP10. In this case check whether you have the proper write rights for the directory with the configuration files.
The easiest way could be tor reinstal TP 10 with DEFAULT paths.

As I mentioned earlier in a TP9-Thread:
This is the correct entry in
Thumbs10.ini under Startup

InitialDatabase=Database=PathTo.tpdb8s;Driver={ThumbsPlus SQLite3 ODBC Driver};Timeout=5000;NoCreat=Yes;SyncPragma=OFF;PRAGMA synchronous = OFF;PRAGMA journal_mode = OFF

Maybe its easier for you, to try some file-operations and see the result.

After start of TP it works only the first time. The next time there is no effect. You have to restart TP. Then it works again only one time. Maybe they forgot to set a variable in the code. Those things works correct for a long time.

A reboot of windows is not necessary. Restart TP, it is an error of TP

I found errors in moving/copying files, which makes 4009 unusable for me. I am going back to 4005

Now after a few hours of using TP i find out that drag' drop is not reliable any more. For the first time files drags as expected. But all other attempts later fail, no further drag is possible.

Just installed this version.
For me it works fine with Photoshop Drag'n drop.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Virus found in dcraw.exe
« on: 2016-02-01 08:50:13 »
Just downloaded dcraw.exe from
This file seems to be clean.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Virus found in dcraw.exe
« on: 2016-02-01 08:44:49 »
I have the same file and VIRUSTOTAL give the Same result. I renamed this file. TP give no errormessage. Might be helpful to know the purpose of this file.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Have to install TP9 before TP10
« on: 2016-01-31 01:58:19 »
I just made a clean install of Win10, so I had to made a fresh install TP10-4007.
I confirm that it is not possible to enter the registration code.

I made a TP9 install also.

You are right. TP only works with the 32bit version, a copy in the TP directory is not required.

A good tip, thanks.
I've installed 'sqlite odbc w64.exe'. For TP, it should not matter, since it acts as a frontend for SQLite.
I think to determine a significant acceleration of many operations, but for objective measurements I have no options.
The installation must be performed only once, when the 'sqlite3odbc' from the SQL program directory is copied into the ODBC directory of TP10.
This will probably be necessary with every update.

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