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ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Broken Help Link
« on: 2020-02-17 14:08:15 »
is this link still good.. I get a 404 error

From Help menu -- T+ SQL examples

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Re: Strange Keyword behavior
« on: 2019-04-05 09:41:41 »
Interesting thing is that the Database Edit Keywords does not show those keywords shown int he window (right) as being in the database ... until I add them manually.. and then they show up bot places .. Ill try addint the keyword and then deleting it.. I bet is removes both instances of them in the window (right)

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Strange Keyword behavior
« on: 2019-04-05 08:00:17 »
Its me again ..

I had to convert my database from t4 to t10 and in the  process had to move all my keyword and annotation data to the metadata of the images, and then set t10 to repopulate the image database with the info that was in the metadata.

I had images that were keyworded with a field named "kiba trip day xx", where xx ran from 01 to 44... All the images from kiba trip day 10 through kiba trip day 44 brought in the keyword into the database so as to show up in the image data window shown in the image I attach.. These keywords also show up in the Find By Query function. Here is the strange part. The images keyworded with "kiba trip day 01" through "kiba trip day 09", while showing up in the keyword field on the image ( see attached image at the right), DO NOT show up in the Find By Query list.

If I manually add them to the image, then I have 2 items that say kiba trip day xx, but only one item in the find by query list ..

I suspect that there is something about that leading "0" in the day 01 thru the day 09 that got things confused when it brought in the keyword from the metadata.

I rescanned the folder, but nothing changed.

Ideas as to what happened.. I will go back and manuall re-add the keyword of day 01 thru day 09 and it WILL show up as a query field, but then I will duplicates int he image database window ( but only a single one in the Edit Keywords list , BTW)

PS - the reason it shows day 09 and 08 in the attached images is cause I was experimention at how to get the "0" prefixed images to show up.. There is NO day 07, day 06 etc in the list  ( till I readd a duplicate keyword)

Ahhh .. Thanks and especially for the only works on new thumbnails part ....

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Thumbnail orientation question
« on: 2019-04-03 23:08:41 »
Help .. My portratit thumbnails are coming rotated "wrong" (lol Im doing sometime wrong)

How do I get the thumbnails to orient properly .. landscape to landscape -  portrait to portrait.

Ahhh .. good call ... went in and sure enough that word was in there and capitalized

hummm that sounds right ...

I can see that for adding a batch button too.

Im going to post another questyion about the quick batch vs batch in a separate thread ... lol if I have not already!

Hello All..

Maybe I'm missing something. When in the page that has the thumbnails view, I can call up an image to photoshop (external program) using the icon I added to the menu bar, but I can't seem to add that external program button to my menu bar when I double click the thumbnail and call up just that image itself ( see attachment). I can add various (but not all) other commands to the full image menu bar  - but not the add external program to that menu bar. What's up.

Also, I would like to be able to add the batch command to the individual image menu bar, but cant see that it is available in that menu either.

Hello all ... Sooo .. I go to add a keyword to an image.. I want to add the keyword "airplane" [ i use lowercase in my keywords]. T10 does NOT keep the lower case. It upper cases it to " Airplane" LOL... HUH .. I then keyword "airplane2" it does it correctly with all lowercase.


i wonder if his problem is that he needs to create a clean new database and do the same thing as I did.

I just called up a gallery with 5900 images and 27gb size in about 1 second.

General Discussion / Re: Metadata Batch Editor
« on: 2019-03-19 20:42:13 »
I used it to migrate from t7 to t10 and recreate more easily my galleries.

Step 1 .... Convert the td4 to a tdb8 database.

Step 2 .... Use the Metadata Editor to push all the gallery names  that the image is assigned to and the keywords into the Metadata of the image so that the gallery assignment ( name)  and the keywords always travels with the image. ( See image attached) and push annotations to the metadata comments. the keywords and gallery names are pushed to the metadata keywords field

Step 3 .... In the keywords preferences set the thumbs db to grab gallery names that are in the in the metadata  and put them in the Keywords in the t10 db.

Step 4 .... Manually create the gallery tree/folder names ( they will have no thumbnails yet)

Step 5 ... Do a keyword search on each gallery name ( because the gallery name has been key-worded) and then select all those images and slide them to the gallery. This creates the pointers and gets the images indexed to the right gallery.

Step 6 ... refer to the thread and Daans posts about it all..;all

BTW I also include a shot from a cool program that tells you a bunch of info .. you can see the keywords I am talking about.

Exif Pilot is the name of the tool


Please see my previous thread post about my success and making it all work fast ..;all

 :) ;) :D ;D

Success .. i manually had to re-create my galleries ( T7 does not move over the galleries) and then populate them with the images according to the Metadata procedure of Daan in previous replies in this thread .. Scrolling is now fast thru the thumbs of images and all is well now...

I see..! Well, best of luck with it. When the whole procedure is over, you should have a much more responsive database.   :-)

Finished .. lets see what was that     only about 3 days to batch process the meta data to the 118,000 files ... only 257 errors .. now to go make the 75 galleries again ...

A prelim check indicates that things are scrolling fast now...

Hey Daan

Did not try to use the T7 xfer utility on all these files ..

I started using T10 because T7 was acting in unpredictable ways on my Win 10 machine .. even after repairing that database.

So, I converted a td4 T7 db to the new T10 format, and then, on using T10 saw that the difficulty was arising on the slow scrolling... I also saw that the T7 was a bit buggy an sometimes would not fire up under my Windows 10.  Because of the T7 on Win 10 seeming bugginess and umpredictiblality, I stuck with the T10 Win 10 version and the tbdb8 new database structure. I have so many images that I did not want to do all the editing/metadata writing with my TD4 database in T7 and totally mess it up, so I stuck with the T10 metadata editor and changed to using  Win 10 T10 on the conveted tpdb8 file..  It takes about 1 second per image to process the data out of the slow-scrolling T10 "myconvertedtfromTP7td4 database into a clean T10 Win 10 thumbs.tpdb8 database.

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