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Title: How do you Hide Panels to the Left?
Post by: Dan T. on 2019-04-12 10:31:34
Reaching out as I've searched help and can't seem to find this.

I've recently moved to a newer laptop and trying to get my layout the same and can't find anything in my notes and think it might be good to have here too. I even put the laptops side by side, trying to compare settings and am at a loss so here goes. 

First photo, on my older laptop, I somehow docked my panels to the left (circled) vs. the bottom which is where they seem to go by default when you pin or hide them. I prefer them left as it seems easier on my eye to look there and takes up less real estate when you hover on a tab and it expands right vs. the bottom of the screen.

I've reset all my panels to default, have moved them left, up down, double clicked, even unpinned, pinned (or hid) them and somehow got Python to move left but the rest pin lower left as shown in the second photo.

Any input is welcome and appreciated, thanks much.
Title: Re: How do you Hide Panels to the Left?
Post by: Daan van Rooijen on 2019-04-12 12:50:45
This is hard to explain, so I think I'll just suggest to you what I would do:

1) Go to Window | Layout and choose Default Layout as a good starting point.

2) Grab the bottom-right Tasks window by its title bar and drag it towards the bottom-left Preview window. When you hover over this Preview window (with the left mouse button still pressed down), a sign wil appear that shows four arrows around a tabbed little window. Position your cursor over that tabbed window in the center of the sign and let go of the left mouse button. The Tasks panel will now join the Preview panel, and little tabs at the bottom let you switch between these views/functions. I'd click on the Preview tab to activate that view.

3) Close the big Metadata panel on the right by clicking its little 'x' button.

4) Back to the left side of the screen, hover the cursor over the divider between the Location panel and the Preview/Tasks panel, until the cursor changes shape and shows tiny up and down arrows. You can now drag the divider down so you get a larger location window and a smaller Preview/Tasks window. Put it wherever you prefer to have it.
5) Likewise, grab the vertical divider between the Location panel and the big thumbnails pane, and make the location panel smaller (leaving more space for thumbnails).

You should now have an efficient layout that shows you all the most used information, and where eveything stays at its place as long as you don't press any pins and don't drag any panels around (if you ever find yourself mistakenly dragging a panel away, you can press Esc to cancel that action).

I hope this helps! If the resulting layout is not how you wanted things to look, you can use Window | Show Panels to select the panels that you want to see, and use the methods from steps 2 and 4/5 to arrange them.
Title: Re: How do you Hide Panels to the Left?
Post by: Dan T. on 2019-04-12 14:43:42
Perfect explanation and very clear.

I was dragging/dropping and thought I was putting my cursor over the correct spot but wasn't and now know to watch the blue outlines snap- Left, Top, Right, Bottom. Now I can make my layout even better than before.

Thank you very much,