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Title: Keyboard Shortcut to specific Keyword/Gallery
Post by: Claus on 2014-02-23 09:13:24

I find myself spending lots of time assigning thumbnails to different keywords or galleries and I wonder if there is any way I can create a keyboard shortcut that will assign a specific keyword or gallery to the selected thumbsnails in one key stroke.

I'm aware that I can get to the keyword / gallery selection using one shortcut but that does not remove the tedious proces of clicking one of 50+ galleries. Also the flattening of the gallery tree structure doesn't help when you have to scroll the list first !

I'm currently running 7.0SP1 (because it renders better on may machine - no repeated window resizing etc) but if v9 supports the above I could be persuaded to move. License is no issue have a perpetual license.

Thanks in advance :-)