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Title: Crash report
Post by: hrdubwd on 2013-01-10 01:08:56
I have just discovered that the automatic crash report includes a file named in this fashion: ThumbsPlus-3537-20121209T125427.png (in C:\Documents and Settings\[name]\Application Data\ThumbsPlus\)

This is a full screen shot - including any others you might have, not just the T+ window.  This is not announced.

This is an invasion of privacy, potentially embarrassing at the least, potentially a security risk at the worst.  Commercial secrets?  Bank details?  Passwords?

While the option to delete files is there in the crash dialogue, one has to scroll down to the bottom in a tiny list window to find it.  Stack dumps are one thing, screen grabs quite another.  I am disamused, although on checking all the images in that folder I do not seem to have suffered either embarrassment or security breach, the risk was great enough.


(There is as yet no category for T+9 subjects - there ought to be.)