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Daan - Your link goes to the main index page, not the article, maybe a bad id#?

Ben - Click on "Options", "Preferences", then the "Thumbnails" tab.  The thumbnail size stuff is there, mainly the lower left corner.

> If I'm producing both RAW and JPG for each camera image, it would be advantageous, when quickly going through the images after they have been loaded from the camera to the PC, to have an option be able to have next go to the next JPG rather than go through both the RAW and JPG for each image. JPGs load in about half a second - RAW images take anywhere from 5-10 seconds to load, depending on which camera produced the RAW.

Try sorting the directory by file type first, then by name.

Have looked at Options / Viewing / Slide Show tab?  There are 14 different transitions, plus 'none' and 'random' that can be selected in the lower right corner of the tab window.  And some of the transitions have additional settings.

You can also use Ctrl-J to get there from the main window.

ThumbsPlus Suggestions / Usability features
« on: 2014-02-19 20:03:03 »
I can't help you with #2 or #3  For #1, try the spacebar to move forward and the Backspace key to move backwards.  Stupid, non-obvious, and I HATE using the backspace key, since in other programs it can be a destructive backspace.  Unfortunately, it has been baked into TP since at least version 7, probably even earlier.

 In a gallery you can select a thumbnail, right-click it and look near the bottom of the list for "go to folder".  There might be a way to add it to a toolbar, I just don't do it often enough to bother.

Also, don't drag thumbs from gallery to gallery.  Right-click the thumbnail and select "Gallery" then "Add To" or "Move To".  These can be added to a toolbar, but I have had inconsistent behavior, gallery list that should drop down is sometimes blank.

When you drag from gallery to gallery, whether you simply drag (to move) or ctrl-drag, (to copy) the gallery manager will save the gallery order before executing the 'drop' part of the move or copy, but won't do this if you use the right-click menu method.


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