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Long term issues
« on: 2015-04-03 10:41:48 »
These issues have been around for a long time (in some cases several years) so could you please consider fixing them?

Renaming files inside ThumbsPlus screws up the file name cache, until the folder is revisited.

Trim to proportion 16/10 still doesn't do anything.

When editing transparent PNGs, the thumbnail created after editing is "broken": The transparent area contains garbage. Make selected fixes this, so it seems to use a different function than the editor.

When using Trim to proportion and then pulling in one of the corners, it's very jumpy, which makes it almost impossible to get the right size for the cropping region. This is the most serious issue.

When scaling down a transparent PNG it seems the periphery becomes gray transparent instead of transparent in the color of the image, which makes scaling of e.g. icons not useful. E.g. Gimp doesn't have this problem. It's most apparent on monochrome icons that get a grey frame around the colored area.

Trim to proportion / Other proportion: Allow any values, at least up to the resolution of the actual image.

The video player has a few issues of its own:
- no 'always on top'
- time in seconds only (not the usual hours, minutes, seconds)
- volume goes to max by default even when it shows a much lower setting (when moving the bar one pixel it goes down to the selected volume)
- why Rate?
- Zoom, Fullscreen, Capture and Split frames don't seem to do anything

Maybe more of a feature:

Why log warnings for overwriting files when I have specifically requested it should overwrite all files? It's a bit late when they are already overwritten.


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Long term issues
« Reply #1 on: 2015-04-03 17:47:55 »
Hi Anders, thanks for documenting and reporting these problems! However, Cerious' staff doesn't regularly visit the forum and you'd best send a copy to Laura Shook at If you write to her, it would be good if you specify your Windows and ThumbsPlus versions.
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