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I'm sorry, I've completely lost focus on this forum. I only remembered today that I had posted an answer here.
I understand - you want to edit several files with one command call. I haven't needed this yet because I always check or update the metadata immediately after editing an image. But I understand your problem - you have a lot of image files whose metadata is incomplete or lost and you don't want to update each image file individually.

This maybe the solution:
I've created the following scenario to test it and it seems to work fine:

In the current directory I have a lot of TIFF-files with complete metadata. In the subdirectory JPG there are the same files with same names but JPEGs and missing metadata. Now Now I would like to copy the metadata of the TIFF files into the JPEG files of the same name.
I open Windows Commandline "cmd" and change to the directory where I have my TIFF-files. There I start the following command:
exiftool -tagsfromfile %f.tif JPG -ext jpg                             (JPG is the directory, where the jpg-files without metadata reside)
Now all metadata has been restored. Camera data, location, keywords, .... have been copied to my JPEG-files.
I think, this is what you need(?)

If source and destination files are JPEGs, then you can use this command:
exiftool -tagsfromfile %f.jpg JPG                                       (now you do not need the -ext option, because source and destination have the same suffix)

I am not a exiftool guru but I found solutions for the problems that I had with exiftool. If you need something special, please contact the exiftool forum.

Good luck!

I use the exiftool program for this purpose.  ->
To copy all metadata from sourcefile to targetfile you can use this command:
exiftool -tagsfromfile sourcefile.jpg "-all:all>all:all" targetfile.jpg

I also use exiftool to write the data of a lens to the image file, which does not transfer any data to the camera.
exiftool is a very powerful command line tool. The program has been regularly updated for many years and is also used by many other programs.
Hope, this helps.

Sorry for the late response.
My ThumbsPlus database is running on PostgreSQL. So I think that I should have the tools to find out the right field names.
I'll give it a try.
Thank you very much Daan!

I have some troubles with the search function of ThumbsPlus 10. Searching only for keywords runs quick and without any troubles.
But always when I need a more restricted search there I have problems.
Often I would need a search which is restricted to only one specific Gallery. I have not found a solution for such search. Is it possible?
I have some knowledge about SQL statements but I am not able to find a way to make it run.

Another problem: I already searched by date with Advanced Search and the field tn.[file_time_iso]. But it seems to me that even that is no longer possible. Maybe that something has changed with Version 10? I don't remember the last time that I have searched by date successfully.

I hope, this program is still alive because I love it. It's very quick, simple to use and easy to configure for the use together with other programs. These are the reasons why I still stay with ThumbsPlus. But I would like to see some improvements for search functions (date/time, gallery, gps data - search by rectangle of a map, ...).
Many thanks,

Another suggestion ..
Create a new (native, not connected by ODBC) database only for testing if it also is too slow. So you could narrow down if the cause is in the database or somewhere else. You only need to import some directories to compare the times.
To give you some measured times to compare:
I have a local (but not very fast) SATA-disk with all my image files. The database (PostgreSQL over ODBC) runs on the fast M.2 system drive. To show all 223320 image files (Include Child Folders) with TP 10 it takes about 8.5 seconds.
The total number of files in this directory is much higher (374205) because there are also XMP-, RAW- and some other files which I do not include in the database.

I also have a NAS box (connected with 1Gb Ethernet) with 259095 image files. On the same NAS-box is running the PostgreSQL database (over ODBC). To show all files it takes about 2 minutes and 18 seconds. The last 30 seconds of this time are needed for "scanning" thumbnails.
Hope you can find the reason soon!

ThumbsPlus Suggestions / Search by location (GPS data)
« on: 2019-01-12 14:08:56 »
2 years ago I have written a feature request to I've got the answer that my wish sounds good and maybe it will be released in V11.
I want to post this e-mail here to say that my wish still is needed by me and hopefully by other TP users too.
First I want to say you "many thanks for this excellent product! I am working with ThumbsPlus more than 10 years and I also recommended this program for archiving historical pictures of my home-city. There it runs fine since 9 years.

The only thing that I am missing is a function for searching photos by location. This is why I also have installed "Imabas" (
Nearly all of my photos (and the photos of the archive of my home-city) have stored their GPS coordinates. With Imabas I can search photos by chossing a rectangular area of a map. Unfortunately this is not possible with ThumbsPlus. I would like to have only one database and ThumbsPlus for my purposes is clearly the better one.
Maybe that some day we can have this feature? It would make possible a very straigthforward workflow to me (and to others!?) Are there similar wishes from other ThumbsPlus users? (I hope so)
As every Smartphone, tablet and some new cameras have the ability to tag every photo with GPS data, it would be a very useful feature. It is not necessary to display every photo within a map. For me it is enough or even better only to draw a rectangular in a map (Open Street map or something else), press the find button and see the results in "Found Files".
The link of Imabas has changed within the last 2 years - it's now

It would be very helpful too, if ThumbsPlus would have a feature to set GPS and location data. I am using GeoSetter for now and it works fine but it would be very nice if I could reduce the number of tools in my workflow.
Thank you!

General Discussion / Re: Metadata Batch Editor
« on: 2019-01-04 09:07:21 »
This is an old post, but I nevertheless will answer.
Yes, I am using the Metadata Batch Editor. First I was not very happy with it because it's not as easy to use as it was in TP7. But it's (maybe too?) flexible.
I need it mostly to actualize XMP-data when I add/change keywords. Because I want to have this information in every image file. I saved a template for this action. Now it's quickly done with a few mouse clicks.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / move mysql db to new computer
« on: 2017-12-14 13:59:35 »
Some time ago I have posted my experiences with MySQL and PostgreSQL in this forum:
Maybe that you can find some helpful informations there. I remember that I had troubles with newer ODBC drivers. But I am not up to date with MySQL versions because now I use PostgreSQL.
Good luck!

Thank you Daan
Now I understand better the usage of "Batch Edit Metadata".
I was too much focused to find something that combines IPTC- and DB-keywords.
Yes, this works fine. I only have to be sure that all embedded IPTC-Keywords are already read in to the database. Then I can use "Set". If I use "Append" a lot of keywords are written twice to IPTC.

Next step will be to set up a TP9 database on my NAS box.

I am a longtime TP7 user. Some time ago I bought TP9 but I am not able to do my workflow with this new version.
My problem in detail:
Some (basic) keywords come from Lightroom when exporting the developed RAW-file.
Then I start ThumbsPlus and scan the folder with my new images.
Next step - I select various images at the same time to give them a keyword (CTL-K). This ist very fast and still the same as with TP7.
But at the end I want to write all keywords from the database into the IPTC-keyword. With TP7 I started the IPTC-Editor, pressed CTRL-K and klicked on the OK-button - finished!
How can I do the same with TP9? I cannot find a way to do this.
How can I combine the keywords from database and the already existing IPTC-keywords in IPTC?
For me this is the only reason why I am still working with the good old TP7.
Please can you make me a happy TP9-user - Many thanks!

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