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I'd try again after rebooting the PC.
If that doesn't help, run TP with elevated rights (as admin). Re-enter your license details.
If that doesn't help either, reinstall, but run the installer with elevated rights.

Are there any relevant options in the properties of the ThumbsPlus shortcut on your desktop?

Are you using any monitor/desktop management software (that may have come with your videocard) ?

See Options | Viewing | Window.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Re: Gallery decoration
« on: 2023-05-03 21:15:20 »
There's no decoration for 'added to a gallery' that I know of.. why were you expecting that one would exist?

When you check a thumbnail's Properties (Alt-Enter), go to the rightmost tab in the dialog, named Galleries, to see the galleries that it has been added to.

If you want to see at a glance which galleries your files are part of, you could add a descriptive keyword (e.g. 'G-People', 'G-Dogs' or 'G-Cars') to all the files in a gallery, and make sure that keywords are displayed in the thumbnail view. Of course, you would have to remember to add that keyword again when you add new files to the gallery.

General Discussion / Re: w10 versus w11
« on: 2023-03-19 13:04:54 »
i have an old tp5. i can install it on w7 and w10 on the C drive

can i do the same in w11???

Well, if it works with Windows 10, chances are that it will with Windows 11 too.

However, you should be sure NOT to install it in Program Files or another system directory that is write-protected by the 'UAC / User Access Control' feature in modern Windows versions. I still continue to use some very old programs myself, and I've created a folder 'C:\LegacySW' to install them in.

I curious to know if there is now a good work around in ThumbsPlus to create thumbnail images of the more recent camera RAW formats, specifically .CR3.

I don't think there is. ThumbsPlus offers two plug-ins for loading raw files, and both are based on DCRAW which hasn't been updated since 2016.

I think I'd try two things:

1) Create a filetype definition for the .cr3 format, tell TP to load it through the Digicam or Digiraw plug-in (try both) and in the options of that plug-in, tell TP to use the .jpg thumbnail that is embedded in raw files. With luck, one of the plug-ins might manage to retrieve the thumbnail even if it doesn't fully support the .cr3 format.

2) Apparently the Libraw raw development toolkit comes with a program named dcraw_emu.exe that emulates DCRAW but that is up to date in terms of raw formats supported. When you look in your TP10 program folder, there's a BIN sub-folder that contains the original DCRAW.EXE. You could rename that e.g. to DCRAW-old.exe and then copy DCRAW_EMU.EXE into that folder and rename it to DCRAW.EXE. That way, you will have replaced the old dcraw with a new one that should function very similarly to the old one, except with support for new raw formats. Then launch TP and see if you can get it to load your .cr3 files (and any other raw files). If this works, you should not have to specify in the plugin options that the embedded thumbnail should be used (though for the purpose of thumbnailing, it is quite a bit faster than developing the actual raw data).

No!  'Load file using' has nothing in it.
Alright, my filetype definition for the jpg extension looks like this:


Equivalent to type: (none)
Class: Raster

Load file using: Internal >>  (empty)
Edit file Using: Association >> (empty)
Print file using: Internal >>  (empty)

Not associated with ThumbsPlus
No linked extensions.


I believe these were the default settings, and they work fine here, on Win 11 Pro.

BTW, where is the last Pro version to download?

It's not a separate download. The 'Pro' features are unlocked when you enter a pro level license number.

That's strange. If you have the Pro version, have you tried re-entering your license details? (Help | Enter Registration in the menu).

Are you sure that the files are actually JPG files and not some misnamed other type?

When you right-click on a JPG file and choose 'Configure File Type', does the 'Load file using' setting say 'Internal'?

Have you changed anything about ThumbsPlus or Windows in recent days? Like, installed a plug-in, changed user accounts, re-installed ThumbsPlus..?

I just realised that those old newsgroup messages must have been written with the old .TD4 database format in mind. Hopefully you can 'translate' the field names to those used by TP8 and higher.

Hi Ernst,

I don't know about those date searches. Maybe we can look into that later.

As for gallery searches: If you don't like SQL, a possible workaround is that you simply assign a unique keyword to all the files in that gallery, and then do a regular search for that keyword, plus your additional search criteria.

If you prefer an SQL method, I will copy 2 very old but relevant messages below from the old Cerious Newsgroups. They come without their original context (otherwise I'd have to copy and paste whole threads), but the information contained in them could still be helpful, I think.



=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ 1 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
From: "Jose G. Filippa" <>
Subject: Re: Thumbsplus 7.0 problem with gallery search
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 10:14:46 -0300

Hi Chris,

In order to find those thumbnails which are included in at least one gallery
or sub-gallery but are not included in a specific gallery you should use the
following SQL statement:

tn.idThumb in (select gt.idThumb from GalleryThumb as gt) and tn.idThumb not
in (select GalleryThumb.idThumb from GalleryThumb inner join Gallery on
GalleryThumb.idGallery=Gallery.idGallery where like 'UF\%')

Now for a set of galleries and sub-galleries you should use:

tn.idThumb in (select gt.idThumb from GalleryThumb as gt) and tn.idThumb not
in (select GalleryThumb.idThumb from GalleryThumb inner join Gallery on
GalleryThumb.idGallery=Gallery.idGallery where in

(Note that you can not use wildcards when using the "in" operator.)

Or if you really need to use wildcards:

tn.idThumb in (select gt.idThumb from GalleryThumb as gt) and tn.idThumb not
in (select GalleryThumb.idThumb from GalleryThumb inner join Gallery on
GalleryThumb.idGallery=Gallery.idGallery where  ( like 'UF\%' or like 'Temp%'))

By the way, your query (the one that hung your ThumbsPlus) worked OK in
ThumbsPlus in my system. I will continue investigating about this issue.

Best regards,

Josť G. Filippa
Cerious Software

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ 2 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
From: Uwe Zimmermann <uwezi@/no_mail/>
Subject: Re: Search Gallery
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 12:56:16 +0100

Until galleries finally work like normal directories, you should be
able to use the additional SQL query:

this is for one specific gallery "galleryname"
exists (select idThumb from gallerythumb gt inner join gallery
ga on gt.idGallery = ga.idGallery where = 'galleryname' and
gt.idThumb = tn.idThumb)

this is for images in any gallery
exists (select idThumb from gallerythumb gt where
gt.idThumb = tn.idThumb)


The help file suggests that ThumbsPlus will show the Windows folder icon ("Display folders -- Include folders in the thumbnail display. With this option checked, ThumbsPlus will also make thumbnails for folders, based on the current Windows thumbnail").

So, if you can get Win 11 to show those XP-style thumbnails, hopefully TP will adopt those too.

It has been cataloged in the 'Way Back Machine', see:

This particular page shows the last capture from sometime in 2017, but there have been many earlier captures as well.

Thanks Bernard! It's interesting that no conversion is required for the taken_time_iso field!

Most dates and times in the database are stored in unix format, i.e. seconds that have passed since jan 1, 1970. You can use the Udate command to convert them into the less cryptic ISO format that Windows uses. This is a sample query that queries the regular file date:

    tn.file_time = ^udate(yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss)

For a range of times/dates, you'd combine two expressions using the AND operator, like this:

    (tn.file_time >= ^udate(2022-02-10))
    AND (tn.file_time < ^udate(2022-02-11))

Hopefully these examples will also work when you use the  tn.[taken_time_iso] field instead.

I did exactly what you said, but the resulting database was somehow corrupted.

I'm very sorry to hear that - and surprised! Did you see any error messages? The Compact & Repair function that ThumbsPlus uses is actually part of the Windows operating system, and one of its main purposes is to prevent corruption, not cause it. I hope you've been able to restore a backup.

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