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These Cerious Software Forums
« on: 2015-10-14 17:34:53 »
Thank you for your support of Cerious Software!

These Cerious Software forums are available due to customer request. They are intended for ThumbsPlus users to help each other.

Cerious Software offers Technical support for any Cerious Software product via e-mail.

Any questions, bug and crash reports or suggestions should all be sent to

When you send e-mail to it is assigned a case number and the system keeps this individual correspondence in a manageable order.

These forums are here for ThumbsPlus users to share ideas and give advice. They are not a support route. I will try to stop by to lend a hand but please note that in order to receive personal help from Cerious Software you need to e-mail

Kind regards,
Laura Shook
Cerious Software, Inc.