Author Topic: My preferences or customizations aren't being saved  (Read 5777 times)

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Locate your Preferences folder. You can usually do this using Start Menu - All Programs - ThumbsPlus 10 - Utilities - View preferences folder. If this isn't available, use Help - System Information from within ThumbsPlus, and navigate to the Preferences Path (near the bottom) in Windows Explorer.

Change the Windows permissions for the folder using the instructions "Setting permissions on a folder for ThumbsPlus" found here:

Background information:

Whenever the ThumbsPlus installer creates a new folder for the database or preferences intended for sharing between users, it sets the folder's Windows permissions to allow all access to that folder (and any subsequently-created folders or files) by Authenticated users. However, if the folder already exists, the installer skips this step because it can be take a very long time (minutes or hours) if there is a database within the folder that uses the Thumbnails in Files option, and the folder should have had its permissions set properly before. Sometimes, because of a faulty installer or subsequent changes in the file system, you need to do this step manually.

If the folder already exists, ThumbsPlus skips this step in case it contains a database with "Thumbnails in Files" in the folder.