Author Topic: Why haven't I received a reply to my support e-mail?  (Read 5518 times)

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Each and every e-mail sent to any of our addresses is answered!

Different e-mail programs handle how they determine if something is SPAM in different ways.

1. Lately even when I respond to an e-mail sent directly to me, my replies can end up in a SPAM folder. I know that gmail does this and I am sure that there are others.

Please whitelist in your e-mail options!

2. Very recently I have been getting bounce messages when sending replies or registration codes because the content of my message indicates that I am sending SPAM. I have tried every variation of registration information to no avail. When I don't have a phone number for the customer I have had to resort to sending registration codes or answers to other inquires in a .pdf file. This has happened at least 20 times in the past month. (However, that doesn't work if is being flagged and our e-mail is being placed in the SPAM folder of the person asking for assistance. In this case, we must be whitelisted.)

If you do not receive a reply to an e-mail within 2 business days, (usually you will receive a reply the same day you ask for assistance if it is sent during business hours), please check your SPAM folder!

3. I have been receiving e-mail from weird outlook addresses similar to "outlook_70BBXXXXCBB7" I don't know if these messages are being sent via some web page or through an actual e-mail program but my replies will NOT arrive as every single time I respond my reply bounces. If the person sending the message in this manner uses their name I look them up in my customer database and attempt to send my answer to the e-mail address I have, but if you don't use your name there is no way for me to successfully reply to messages sent in this manner. (And if you haven't whitelisted, my answers are sitting in a SPAM folder.) This happens often!!  AFTER whitelisting us, please re-send your message if you don't find my reply in your SPAM folder.

4. In rare cases our support system software will tag something as SPAM. There is no rhyme or reason and when I do my bi-monthly checks of the auto SPAM folders I find one or two real messages in the hundreds of thousands of actual SPAM. To avoid this, please use "ThumbsPlus" in the subject line of your e-mail.

Kind regards,

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