Author Topic: "Use the Windows recycle bin" doesn't seem to be working  (Read 5387 times)

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"Use Windows recycle bin settings"

By default the option to use the Windows recycle bin IS selected. If this has been turned off - when you delete files in ThumbsPlus - the deleted files will NOT go to the recycle bin and will be deleted from your system!

Also, be aware that if the Windows recycle bin is full, does not have enough space allocated for deleted files on the drive you are in, or is not set up to receive deleted files, you can  lose accidentally deleted images as well. (Image attached.)

In any of the cases above the only option would be to restore the files from backup. (I always recommend keeping backups of the ThumbsPlus database. (Database>Advanced>Backup) When backing up the ThumbsPlus database it is a good time to back up your image folders as well.)