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Update News?


Are there some news to version 11? It's been a long time now...

Pete Wieland:
....a VERY long time!

I paid in advance for the upgrade to v10 6 years ago. That then became free so my upgrade rolled over to 11 and I have been waiting ever since!

I purchased a perpetual license on 5/1/2017.  I would really like to know the status of Version 11.  I feel like we have been mislead on the future of TP.

Is it not possible to get a status if a new version is pending or if the further development of Thumps Plus is not taking place. Then you could prepare yourself for it even as a long-time user. It seems to me that no new version will follow. Or am I wrong?

Best regards Rainer

Daan van Rooijen:
The latest statement dates from August and can be found here in the Beta section:

When there's further news, I'm sure we will see it here, on the website and/or through a newsletter. I am locking this topic because there's no further useful information at this point and speculation isn't helpful.


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