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I have a new computer and started using dark themes everywhere, Windows 10 is configured as such and I changed the folder listing background in T+ to be black. However, when I highlight a folder, the name disappears, because it turns from a default light blue to an almost black dark blue, see attached. I cannot find an option in T+ or Windows to change that. Can anyone help? Ideally, I want to change the text color when highlighted to be white or retain the light blue.
ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Re: Webp files (Chrome)
« Last post by Justinc1995 on 2021-10-09 16:52:00 »
Thank you for your assistance - I was getting a blank page but for 'pageok' and a '404' from the links in the previous question that was asked in 2016 (2016!)

So, it's a great big massive ginormous 'NO' from Thumbsplus, then?

I've decided to painstakingly convert them one by one using this free software.  I don't know if there is a daily limit, but I'm sure I'll find out soon!  ;-)  I tried Convertio, but that asked for payment almost straight away despite advertising it was free.

Ezgif & Convertio are probably enough for an average person daily tasks. I used them and they work pretty fine. However, if you have images in Bulk, and you want to convert them free, AnyWebP would be the great companion for you.

What I really like about this tool is that it doesn't upload image first to its server before converting.
ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Re: TP and Win 11
« Last post by Jens Rieger on 2021-10-08 23:38:50 »
it works :)
ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / TP and Win 11
« Last post by Jens Rieger on 2021-09-28 14:12:25 »
will TP run on Win 11? I haven't tried the beta versions of Win 11, so I have no clue.


I didn't comment on the ip address or serial numbers. To my knowledge they shouldn't matter. I would change that volume label though (from outside of TP, with TP not running).

Have you compared the volume properties as described earlier?

folks get new computers all the time.  I'd have hoped there was an automated way to do this; but in reviewing the help files there does not seem to be.
ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Re: TP v10 : new folders not being scanned
« Last post by wingfield on 2021-09-20 21:39:07 »

I always appreciate your replies.

so I notice three things when I use PHPmyadmin to look at my db.

(a) the NAS have different IP addresses
(b) the volume name is the same, except for the first letter which is capitalized on one NAS and not capitalized on the other.
(c) the volumes have different serial numbers.  will this matter???

if I understand your comments correctly, I need to reassign my IP addresses so that the new NAS takes the place of the old NAS.  also, I guess I need to make them both either capital or not capital.

folks get new computers all the time.  I'd have hoped there was an automated way to do this; but in reviewing the help files there does not seem to be.  am I missing something??

First, two precautions:

- Be sure to keep a backup of your database file.
- In Options | Preferences | Thumbnails, turn 'auto remove orphans' off (if it isn't already) to prevent that any thumbnails would be deleted if TP doesn't find the corresponding files where it expects them.
- In the same dialog window, turn 'Make thumbnails automatically' off. This helps avoid confusion on fast systems, where you might think that you are looking at your trusty old thumbnails when in fact TP has just produced them on the fly.

can I simply re "build" that mapped drive, or will it lose all my meta data and libraries?

Well, it depends. If ThumbsPlus shows you the old thumbnails (with their metadata etc) AND you can successfully open the files shown in ThumbsPlus, then they're in good shape and TP should not overwrite them when you use the Scan Drive, Scan Tree or Scan Folder commands to create thumbnails for new folders and files.

It's good that you see green and blue folders, but I'm puzzled that you do not see the new folders. I can think of only two explanations for that:

- It's not the new NAS drive after all (but that seems to be contradicted by the green color of the folders within). or:
- The 'Only show folders with thumbnails' option is on in Options | Preferences | Disks & Folders.

When you right-click on that drive in the tree panel, there's an option 'Volume Properties' that shows how that drive has been recorded in the database, and how it currently appears physically. Maybe that will tell you more about which drive (the new one, the old one or both) it represents.

I think the ideal solution, if you have a database backup from when you still used the old drive, would be this:

- Exit TP and restore that copy of the database file. Don't run TP yet.
- Be sure to give the new NAS exactly the same server name, volume label and folder structure as the old one (the server name is tied to the device, so if you only replaced the harddisk within, you won't have to fiddle with the server name).
- When you launch TP now, I would expect it to recognize the new NAS drive as the old NAS drive, and it should show both the old existing thumbnails and the new folders.

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Re: TP v10 : new folders not being scanned
« Last post by wingfield on 2021-09-20 19:20:03 »
Hello Daan,

can I simply re "build" that mapped drive, or will it lose all my meta data and libraries?

btw  -  the folders are mostly green, but some are blue.  so they are not grey.

Also... if you're sure that you are seeing the new NAS and you see TP actually making thumbnails, but they're not being saved, then you may not have writing rights to your database or the database file has somehow been made read-only.
Maybe you're still seeing the thumbnails for the old NAS - does it look greyed-out in the tree?

ThumbsPlus has to match its thumbnail records in the database to the actual files in your system. With regular harddrives, it identifies them by their volume label. With network drives, it usually matches them by their share name (UNC). Drive lettters are not used. If your new NAS drive has a different server name, TP probably won't match your existing thumbnail records to the files on the new NAS (but see: Options | Preferences | Thumbnails to see how it performs the match on your system).

For this reason of matching files to their corresponding thumbnailrecords, it's important that you're consistent in how you approach your drive. In the tree, you may see it as a regular drive due to its mapping to a drive letter, but you'll also see it in the network branch. To ThumbsPlus, those are two different drives and when you thumbnail one, those thumbnails won't show when you look in the other.

(you can disable the display of certain drives, or the network branch, in the tree panel using Options | Preferences | Disks & Folders).

This is not a direct answer to your question but hopefully it will help you to find the solution.
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