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Thank you, Daan.  Good info (as always), and it saved me from continuing to try & figure out how to do something that can't be done.  :) 


I've spent the last 45 minutes trying to figure out how to Tag an image into my gallery called "Review", rather than the default (Tagged Images).  So far, I've not found a way to do this:  all my tags show up in the default Tagged Images folder.

I wanted to find a 'one-key' solution (like using INSert, but having it go to 'Review' vs. 'Tagged Images' gallery).  Is there a way to do this, or shall I give up and use the default? 

Thanks, Connie

Oh!  I like that:  DATA2, MEDIA3, etc.  Good idea.  Hmm.  Maybe I ought to name them after states... WY, FL, AZ, ND...  or dogs... MAXIE, HONEY, TRIXIE...  that'd be fun.  :)

As I was researching drive Letters vs Volume names, I got the impression that changing the Volume Name was a bigger deal than just "rename".  People seemed to go through a bunch of hoops just to do that. 

My question:  How does TP let you rename the Volume label so simply by just doing "File", "Volumes", "Label Disk"?  Does it go through those hoops behind the scene?  If so, that's pretty tricky.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, DAAN!  I was so worried that if I chose the suggested drive label, I'd mess it up.  Phew!  And, thank you for the extra explanation -- I sure appreciate it.

Regards, Connie

I've added several external USB drives recently and I just started up TP10. I got a message box saying:

   Drive I:\ has the same label as drive G:\ (Elements).  ThumbsPlus
   uses labels to associate thumbnails with files.  Please enter a new
   label for drive I:\

I've never gotten this message before, so I'm not sure what happened and why TP needs a new label.  I thought I always had my TP database on my C drive or possibly my D drive, but I don't remember ever using "I:".  But...I've been using TP for LOTS of years and now I'm old, so who knows?  :)

I'd rather not lose my associations and have to recreate my entire TP database.  That'd make me sad.  I looked through the .INI file but couldn't see any reference to "Drive I" (maybe I missed it).

Is there an easy solution?   I've already got these drive letters:  C D E F G H I L N T.  I've also defined J: and K: which are attached to another computer.

Is it simply a matter of going with (what I assume is) the suggested "DRIVE_L"? 

Any suggestion would sure be helpful.


As always, thank you Daan! 

Hmmm, it just occurred to me that my PC is running Windows 7 which has ALWAYS reverted to "scroll 3 lines at a time" and every time I reboot, I have to manually change it to "scroll one page at a time". 

Maybe I might install TP+ on my Windows 10 PC (which never changes the scroll amount and leaves it as I set it) and see what the scroll behavior looks like there. 

Thanks again,

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / Mouse wheel behavior setting
« on: 2019-07-01 12:27:55 »
When viewing thumbnails, I use the wheel to scroll through the images.  No matter what setting I choose in Options-Preferences-Thumbnail View, the wheel always scrolls the images one row at a time.  My choice is "use Windows mouse settings" which is always set to "whole screen at a time", but it never does that in TP10.

I searched through the Help and in the Forum, but can't find any mention of this. 

Is this a bug, or just the way it's going to work, no matter which choice I make?

TIA, Connie

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / SVG file type viewer?
« on: 2017-11-16 12:21:30 »
> Hi Connie,
> The only way that I can think of would be if you have an OLE-compatible application that supports SVG. I do not know if Chrome qualifies, but if it does, you would set 'Load Using' to 'OLE' and in the field to the right of that you would select Chrome. If you have other applications that support OLE and that might support SVG (maybe a CAD program, flowcharter, DTP, word processor?) you could give those a try too. You'll find a list of the available OLE servers on your system in that right field.

Thanks Dann,

I tried looking for OLE-capable products that I might have loaded.  Not much joy there, even though I've got the full MS suite, plus other software.  

> Even if that works, it would likely still be quite slow because the OLE compatible application would have to load in order to process the image and forward it to ThumbsPlus. When you have multiple files to thumbnail, you can speed things up by launching that OLE-compatible program in advance, so it doesn't have to launch and exit all over again for every image file that you want to thumbnail.

So far, it seems that my only option is to let the SVG file open in Inkscape, select & copy the image, and do 'make thumbnail from clipboard' in TP.  I really liked your idea of leaving the application loaded, but it doesn't speed up the process in TP.  From what I've gathered, Inkscape is not OLE-compatible.  Marvelous.

I did see something in a google search that had a hit on Cerious' Facebook page, which seemed to indicate that at some point, TP would be supporting SVG.  However, I haven't yet queried Cerious directly on that, and I'm NOT a Facebook fan.  

If I find out anything more on that, I'll post it.

Thanks again,

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / SVG file type viewer?
« on: 2017-11-13 20:22:36 »
> > Is there any filter or viewer for .SVG files in TP10?
> I don't know of one. If I remember correctly, Internet Explorer can display .svg files. Have you tried if that works, maybe it is faster?

Hi Daan,

OK -- it's been over a year and I'm back trying to figure out how to display the .svg file using Chrome.

I've tried configuring the file type, but can't figure out what to put to allow the file to open (view) using Chrome.  

When I go into file explorer, the SVG's thumbnail looks fine.  When I right click and choose Open with Chrome, it looks fine.  

What would I put in the Configure File Types dialog box to view the file in a Chrome browser window?  (when I choose Edit, it opens in Inkscape)

Regs, Connie

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / WMF to JPG using Quick Convert
« on: 2017-10-23 10:33:28 »
> > Is there any other option I should change in order to get a white background instead of black?
> I think it's: Options | Viewing | Appearance | Background color for.. Metafiles.
> (you probably know this, but just in case: most WMF files are vector-based, and when you convert them to a bitmap format like JPG, they're no longer scalable - so, you may want to keep the original files too)

Hi Daan,

Thank you (one again).  I was soooo close.  :)

I do know about the scalable issue, but I appreciate your mentioning it.  It's so easy to forget those little details!

Regards, Connie

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / WMF to JPG using Quick Convert
« on: 2017-10-17 20:41:14 »
I have old WMF files and wanted to convert them to JPG.  The JPG file ends up with a black background, rather than a white background, as I've specified in "Background color for delete and cut" as defined under Options | Viewing | Editing."

Is there any other option I should change in order to get a white background instead of black?

Thanks for any suggestions...


> > It was Options | Preferences | Filetypes: Resolve Windows shortcuts.
> Good to know, thanks!

What does "Resolve Windows Shortcuts" mean?  I looked in the help file and googled it, but can't find anything defining it.

Thanks, Connie

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / all my .PNG files are black
« on: 2016-11-24 07:32:54 »
Daan, again....THANK YOU...for your digging into this and posting the step-by-step instructions.  I really appreciate it and I've saved your instructions.  So helpful.  

Regards, Connie

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / all my .PNG files are black
« on: 2016-11-21 09:53:52 »
> > The Help file says that TP can display PNG files but I'm only seeing black in both the Preview window and in the thumbnail list.

UPDATE:  Not ALL of my PNG files are black.  (And that confuses me more)

> When you right-click on a PNG file and choose 'Configure File Type', is the value for 'Load file using' set to 'Internal'? (if not, I think that would fix it).

It was set to .PDF (not sure why, but I may have changed it myself to try & figure out why I was seeing black).  So, I changed it to 'Internal' but that didn't fix it. Still black.

> When you go to Options | Viewing | Tab:Editing, and you set 'Alpha Channel Display Options' to Checkerboard, does that fix it?

Alpha Channel Display Options was already set to Checkerboard.

> When you open some random JPG file and use File | Save As to convert it to PNG, and then you open that PNG version of the same image, does it still show as all black?

I saved a JPG as PNG, it displays normally. However, when I double-click on the PNG file, it doesn't open in the Thumbnail viewer. I checked the File Type Configuration for .PNG and it shows as "Equivalent to Type: None", Category None, Class blank.  That seems odd to me. I expected to see 'equivalent to png', not None.

> Feel free to email me one of those PNG files if none of this helps, so I can see how it behaves here (email under the little envelope next to my name).

Thanks again, Daan.  I'm so easily confused. :)

ThumbsPlus v10 Questions / all my .PNG files are black
« on: 2016-11-14 22:13:40 »
The Help file says that TP can display PNG files but I'm only seeing black in both the Preview window and in the thumbnail list.  

When I double click the PNG file, the View window is all black.  If I look at the file in my file list, it shows as a graphic, or if I edit the file in Irfanview, it shows as a graphic.

I'm using latest TP, in Windows 7.

I searched the Forum for PNG, but didn't find any display issues.

What do I need to do to be able to see these?  Is there a setting I'm missing?

TIA, Connie

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