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Title: Similarities between directories?
Post by: BillyBones on 2019-12-01 15:15:57
I have two main directories: Archive and Incoming. Archive is split up into different directories where I sort in the images, while new stuff goes to Incoming first.
Now I want to compare these two in order to find similar images which are in Archive and Incoming. However, the main problem is that Archive also contains images which are considered duplicates by ThumbsPlus although they are different enough so that I want to keep both images.

Now when I do a search for similar images (with similarity set to 200), I get about 2000 matches with the vast majority being "wanted" duplicates in the Archive tree. That makes it effectively impossible for me to find the duplicates between Incoming and Archive only. If I reduce the level, I miss similar images.

Is there any option I have not found? Either to force the results to be only in both directories, or by whitelisting similar image pairs in Archive?

I'm on v8 btw.

Title: Re: Similarities between directories?
Post by: Daan van Rooijen on 2019-12-01 18:30:29
If I understand the problem correctly, you want to identify images that exist in both folders or that have a similar copy in the other folder.

If so, I don't know of a command that would do what you want. But as a work-around, you could sort the results by path, then Tag the images from one of the folders. Then re-sort by similarity, and you can recognize matching pairs by the fact that one of the similar images has a tag and the other does not. If neither or both images are tagged, they are from the same folder and you can skip them.