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Title: How to undo a "Don't Show Me This Again"
Post by: djeber on 2019-09-05 13:14:10
Hello. While using ThumbsPlus 8 to rotate a picture 90 degrees, I got a pop-up warning about how it could change the picture, blah, blah, whatever. Without thinking, I clicked Don't Show Me This Again and then clicked skip. Now, as a result, it won't let me rotate pictures 90 degrees. When I try, I get a message that says "File skipped because edges would be lost during lossless rotation." Is there anyone who can tell me how I can undo this mistake? Thanks.
Title: Re: How to undo a "Don't Show Me This Again"
Post by: Daan van Rooijen on 2019-09-05 14:17:13
I thought it would be in Options | Preferences | Confirmations, but I do not see a setting there specific to those lossless operations that you've been using..

If you can't find it either, exit TP, open your Thumbs8.ini in Notepad and look for a line "JpegAutoTrim=1". Change the 1 into a 0 and that should solve it.

btw, note that you can also use Transform | Turn and Mirror to rotate your image. It sounds like you were using File | Jpeg | Turn. The latter is a so-called lossless operation, meaning that the jpg file won't be recompressed when you use this, so its image quality won't be affected. However, this only works if the height and width of the image are divisible by 8 - any remainder will be cut off. When you use the regular Turn and Mirror commands instead, nothing will be cut off but your image will of course be re-compressed when you save it.